Zee Café Launches Innovative Campaign To Promote House Of Cards TV Premiere

Review of Zee Café's digital marketing campaign to promote American political drama 'House Of Cards' Indian TV premiere with a website and social media intitiatives


American political drama “House of Cards” starring Academy award winner Kevin Spacey as the protagonist along with Golden Globe winner Robin Wright, is all set for its Indian television premiere on February 20, 11.00 pm exclusively on Zee Café. And the channel that brings you the best in English entertainment has launched a fresh digital marketing campaign to create buzz for the premiere.

In addition to a website, Zee Café has also leveraged social media in a creative manner to reach out to the relevant audiences. The channel has built an exclusive website for House of Cards India, which went live on February 3. Here, one can not only get better acquainted with the TV drama and the cast, but also learn a political thing or two.

From exclusive snippets and original wallpapers to life lessons to be learnt from ‘House of cards’, the site houses interesting information that might appeal to a political drama fan. You can find out your real personality by taking the personality test and read and share articles from the HOC website.

One can also get their ‘Masters in Manipulation’ degree by going through short videos posted under ‘Learn from HOC’. These videos are nothing but interesting snippets from the show that have been cut and packaged and promoted with headlines like “Saying NO to your boss”, “Cleavage, a weapon?”, “The two types of pain”, etc.

The best part about the HOC website is that all the episodes will be made available on the website for online viewing, post the original airing on the channel.

Buzz on social

Along with a strong social media push, a combination of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter ads and banners across partner portals, ensured better reach to a relevant audience. In fact, Zee Café also leveraged the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn by placing ads to promote the show to marketers and media planners on LinkedIn.

The channel’s Facebook page with over 1.1 million fans together with its Twitter page having 53.6K followers have been creating buzz beginning February. Links and videos from the website have been shared with engaging snippets from the show. A contest on Twitter required users to give witty answers.

Bridging the online-offline divide, Zee Café tied up with Comic Con Delhi, where besides the branding at the venue, the attendees were given an exclusive sneak preview of the show with an interactive session post the screening. The channel also sponsored Unmaad, the annual fest of IIM Bangalore where the attendees were exposed to the show’s promos, branding and interactive sessions, with a live Twitter activity to engage the audience.

Connecting with the relevant audience

A blend of both offline and online promotions has set the stage for the TV premiere of HOC, where the channel has been creating a connect with students and working professionals. Content being created is not only interesting and shareable, but also relevant to the political drama series.

The online initiative is a well thought out one with a website at its core and social media activities driving visitors. The website has many sections to keep the visitors entertained and intrigued about the show. Instead of putting up trailers, short snippets from the show have served to lure the audience well. The message being spread for the audience is that apart from entertainment, they can also enhance their political moves in life.

Zee Café’s campaign to promote HOC is indeed impressive, especially since the show will also be available on the website.