How SiliconIndia Plagiarised From My Blog

by Vinaya Naidu on August 13, 2012

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Popular magazine SiliconIndia that claims to be biggest producer of technology news in India with a strong editorial team, has just lifted an entire post from our recent interview with HR Influencer, Gautam Ghosh!

SiliconIndiaSiliconIndia, launched as a print magazine on India’s 50th Independence Day (15th August, 1997) states its mission as, “Help build a smarter India by empowering Indian professionals to share their experiences and knowledge with communities of Indian professionals.”

As it turns out, this seemingly noble mission turns out to be so false!

Today morning, I found an interesting link on SiliconIndia, titled as “Gautam Ghosh:  Indian Blogger Who Interlinked Social Media, HR and Business” that was published on 7th of August (which they have deleted now, but you can see the cached copy we had saved). Recently, Gautam completed a decade of blogging and was kind enough to give us an interview sharing his experiences, which we had published on our blog on the 26th of July. So I was intrigued to read the SiliconIndia article.

My basic curiosity soon led to a shocker when I saw major similarities in SiliconIndia article and the interview we had published, right after the first two paragraphs. Starting with the story flow to the manner in which it ends, copying responses and even paragraphs that give insights!

Excluding the first two paragraphs (which obviously have been lifted from other source), the article starts with the introduction of Gautam Ghosh and a little excerpt from an article on Forbes, where author Shel Israel had interviewed Gautam tagging him as a ‘Social Media Thought Leader from India’.

Excerpt from Forbes

This is the same excerpt we have displayed on our blog. How can two different content producers choose to display the same excerpt from a massive article? Besides, SiliconIndia did not even provide the Forbes interview link.

Everything in between quotes has been copied i.e. All of Gautam’s responses to us.

While a few sentences have been edited smartly, while conveying the same idea, two paragraphs were not tampered with at all!

Also, the link on Drizzlin goes to the Drizzlin website, whereas the link we had provided in our post goes to an interview we had done earlier with Robin Abraham, Co-Founder at Drizzlin!


Excerpt End

The recent episode of plagiarism where CNN host and Time magazine contributing editor, Fareed Zakaria was found guilty of borrowing content from a New Yorker essay, brings us again to the fore of this digital plague. While a suspended Zakaria has issued a public apology, I wonder what SiliconIndia’s stand would be.

We, hereby urge SiliconIndia to remove this article from their site and give us a public apology.

See also: How our community joined in to trend #OccupySiliconIndia.

Slider image courtesy: Internet Khazana

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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  • Kriti

    Absolutely unbelievable! Even more coming from Silicon India! I am shocked even with small time bloggers infringing on other’s property here and there and this is a well known entity! This is ridiculous!

    • Vinaya Naidu

      if you follow
      #OccupySiliconIndia you will be even more shocked …they are regulars at this!

  • Kriti

    Absolutely unbelievable! Even more coming from Silicon India! I am shocked even when small time bloggers infringe on other’s property and this is a well known entity! This is ridiculous!

    • Prasant Naidu

      this is like chalta hai attitude :)

    • Vinaya Naidu

      right! keep tracking
      #OccupySiliconIndia for more shockers..seems they are ‘experts’ in copy-paste:)

      (i guess this is a similar comment u put earlier!!)

  • Prerna Natani

    @LHInsights Plagiarism is a sad part of this Google World as there are few tracking system & people r taking undue advantage of this loop hole. Otiose behavior is growing day by day and people are missing out on uniqueness.

    • Vinaya Naidu

      true..this is a rampant practise in Silicon India!

  • Satyam

    Congratulations guys..!!!
    This tells how great you guys are doing… plagiarism is another form of appreciation..
    I quite like it when someone copy-pastes from my blog… let alone google-&-seo stuff… :)

    just a brighter side of it…

    • Prasant Naidu

      for us it is our bread and butter :)

    • Charu Gupta

      While I agree that it is another form of appreciation, but still not done.
      SiliconIndia got to remove the article and apologise!

      • Prasant Naidu

        they are not apologizing :)

      • Vinaya Naidu

        not done at all..
        #OccupySiliconIndia exposes their plagiarism practices but still they wouldn’t apologise!

    • Vinaya Naidu

      Thats a good way to look at it but content ethics? anyways, they are copy-paste veterans:)
      #OccupySiliconIndia on twitter…with a lot of angst and support, our community got it to trend too:) then Silicon India called up!

  • Vikas Kumar

    I am sad to see Silicon India do this. They should apologize.

    • Prasant Naidu

      yes it is sad when big guys do :)

    • Vinaya Naidu

      hahaha! Silicon India called up to say they will not apologise…instead they will give us credit or altogether delete the article from their site!
      Besides, they said they have fired a poor fresher for this :-|

  • Charu Gupta

    They should definitely remove content from their blog/website and apologise! Too bad that people do such things! Copy paste!!!

    All the best guys!

    • Vinaya Naidu

      They should and they said will do it too…but will not apologise!! Can you believe this specially in social media age?:)
      they called us only when #OccupySiliconIndia started to trend in India!

  • Atul Vhale

    Not even courtesy? How lame!

    • Vinaya Naidu

      they are now even blaming it on a fresher!

  • robinjabraham

    Did you get the apology? Its quite appalling to see such blatant plagiarism happening!

    • Vinaya Naidu

      Silicon India calls up to say ‘We will not apologise! Either we give you credit or delete our article, but we will not apologise” keep tracking

  • Pradeep

    You are guys are doing some real great work.

    • Vinaya Naidu

      thank you Pradeep!

  • raulnayak

    Why dont you complain to google? there are forms for this..this will lower their page rank and teach them a lesson

    • Prasant Naidu

      we were thinking they would give an apology but they haven’t so yes we will do


    is there any way to prevent this ?

  • Kunal Gautam

    नकल करो मगर अक्ल से!

    • Prasant Naidu

      that doesn’t work in social media age buddy :)

      • Naweed

        I think he’s right. We all learn by emulating, don’t we? That’s distinct from stealing something and claiming it’s one’s own. :)

  • Indraneel

    Driven by “Ctrl+C”… Powered by “Ctrl+V”….

    • Vinaya Naidu


  • Sulekha

    The apt punishment will be for them to apologize publicly and promise never to do this again. Best of luck for your case against them.

    • Vinaya Naidu

      true…thank you..we need all the luck!

    • Prasant Naidu

      thanks Sulekha we are trying that :)

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  • Karthik

    Ok, it seems that they have now deleted the article. #win

  • Deon Fialkov

    My comment’s gone?

    • Prasant Naidu

      where did you put ??? we don’t moderate any comment

    • Vinaya Naidu

      yesterday the disqus commenting system had some problem..even i couldn’t reply to anybody:)

  • Abey John

    Thankfully I’ve never heard of Silicon India and now I can happily give a rat’s ass about its content.

    • Prasant Naidu

      they claim to be the best in the tech and they are for last 15 years :)

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  • The Sorcerer

    I guess this is how they call themselves the biggest…eeerrr… producer of technology news. But I’ve observed that Indian blogs that have Terms of Conditions are most unlikely will be plagiarized. I’ve been using it that way, maybe you could try that. I am doing the same for my pc hardware review website.

    If you think about it, those who claim to be India’s best/1st/ultimate are usually the worst when press release renamed as news and not authenticating claims in those press release, worse being they favour content based on who gives them what and how much ad revenues. Not all who makes that claim do that- but most do so…

  • Easteconomist

    that evidence that your blog is important :) I found your blog thanks to this article when searching in web for silicon india :)

    • Vinaya Naidu

      people need to think before ‘lifting’ articles:)

  • alok

    i am from the siliconindia management team this is fake news how can u guys trust on that fake news go to hell

    • shashi

      hahahahahah poor guy sir i m old employee of siliconindia u also dont gave me last month salary

      • alok

        who told you join my company u needed job that time thats why u were the part of this esteemed organisation

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