Zuvvu, Rewards Your Social Media Influence

by Prasant Naidu on March 23, 2022

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Zuvvu, a technology company previously known as Twtbuck, is an online portal that gives you a chance to make money or earn rewards via your social influence. You must be wondering - social media and cash, what is the catch dude? Well to know more how Zuvvu works, read on.

Once you are logged into the system for the first time don’t panic, as it will take some time for you to understand. At least it did for me. (Zuvvu, how about having a demo video?) The home screen is a dashboard that lists your Zuvvu score, Earnings, Gold Points and Plastic Points at the top. The Dashboard also has two main sections that display Ad Offers and Ad Offers by Zuvvu users.


1. Ad Offers: It is a section where you get a list of sponsored brand ads, which can generate money if your friends respond to it on social networks. Once your friend or follower clicks on such ads, you get paid for it. However these ads are shown only when you have a good social influence score calculated by Zuvvu. So if you are a newbie like me then don’t expect to see ads from day one.

If you are wondering how do I increase my social influence score then the common way is to connect your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Along with this every activity earns you Gold and Plastic points which add up to improve your Zuvvu score. For example referring a friend gets you 1 Gold and 250 Silver points. Along with this, there is whole list of such activities that you can check here.

Ad offers

2. Ad Offers by Zuvvu users: In this section, Zuvvu users create ad offers and they are displayed to you based upon your interests. When you click on these ads you earn points. But if you are confused by the ads being displayed to you, then better check your general settings in preferences. Here you could list 5 interests of yours, your friends along with your skills. So for example I am blogger and listed it as my interest then i will see blogging related ads.

zuvvu profile settings


If you intend to create one such ad then click here that is for free. However you can only create an ad for your blog or website when you have 1 Gold point. Zuvvu provides a simple way to create your ad. You will need to specify the cost per click in terms of plastic points along with your ad budget. Once your campaign is approved, your ads will pop up in dashboards and visitors will earn points equivalent to the Plastic points. Must say a great way of driving traffic to your site and make sure you check what not to advertise list displayed by Zuvvu.

zuvvu ad listing page

Free Ad Campaign

Apart from this, Zuvvu has listed an Earnings screen, Get a Rank, Share Content, Contests and Explore sections. These sections are listed on a top bar for your access. Earnings are a graphic display listing all your earnings and form where it is adding up. If you are in India, Zuvvu pays you via cheque and for rest of the world it does via Paypal. Get a Rank is a section that displays different ranks available and upgrades happen only when you have enough points. Share Content is another great way to make points. So you can post a text or image or video and earn points to unlock levels. Guess much easy way to increase your points and increase your social influence. Explore is a section that categorically lists all the shares from different users under technology, art, travel, gadgets, etc. Zuvvu also lists a leaderboard along with top authors. This is a great section to find out who is leading and check out their profile. Good for advertisers to target their specific publisher. Finally Contests is a new section added that lists you different ways to quickly earn cash. For example, if you invite 20 friends to Zuvvu you can make $5.

Zuvvu in one word is keeping the advertisers and publishers happy. The advertisers can not only target to the different interest zones but they can also choose their publishers. Publishers are happy to see a great way in engaging with brands, earning rewards and cash too. Zuvvu reminds me of Sponsored Tweets  that was a similar kind of approach mainly focused on Twitter. However Zuvvu gives you the flexibility of platforms and different ways of increasing your influence over a time period. Everyone is not a celebrity. Though the bigger question is how are people responding to ads. For example suppose I have a small community of bloggers and if I share ads from Zuvvu, then it might not go well with my community. It would be interesting to get thoughts on this from the founders of Zuvvu.

Until then, do you think this way of leveraging your social media influence will work and do you find it interesting? I am not cool to share sponsored ads on my social media networks but if there are ways by which I can mint it offline with brands then I am keen to listen. I am aware that Zuvvu is trying to work this out. So do let me know what you think of Zuvvu and I would get in touch with the founders to get more insights.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gaufire Gaurav Sharma

    Hi Prasant, Thanks for reviewing our service here on this blog. We are working on launching a new UI (simpler and lighter) very soon. And yup, video work is also in progress. I agree that by incentivized social shares, some get bad vibes or have preconceived prejudices against it and thats quite natural and that is what we consider as our major challenge or riddle to solve. Feel free to connect and share your suggestions or ideas. 


    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      Gaurav, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Zuvvu as a product has taken the whole social influence to a next level. I would like to get in touch and know more. :)

  • Sai Prashanth Reddy

    How is Zuvvu calculating our influence..?
    How different is this from Klout? Isn’t klouts perks system is more cool compared to Zuvvus’ ad sharing(spamming) business??

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      Thanks Sai  for your thoughts :) Klout is not calculating ur social influence and the perks you are talking are good in US. However i have also raised the same question in my post for which Gaurav had replied in the below comment. I am going to publish an interview with him too . Hope that helps.

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