Now ZoomTV Launches A Social Musical TV Show

About the ZoomTV launching a weekend social media show which would take song dedications from Facebook for your friends.


TV and Bollywood seem to find a new companion for them in social media. The relationship between the three has been sprouting for a while and unique ways are making the bonding stronger. Times Television Network’s Bollywood channel Zoom has recently launched a social musical TV show which is integrating all the three and setting new benchmarks. ((Article Source))

What is the social musical TV show about?

The one hour weekend show is telecast at 6 P.M. starting from 8th December, 2012. The show is being hosted by a social jockey, Nikita who will play songs from Bollywood for your Facebook friends requested by you from Facebook using the Facebook app, Go Zoomit. The show is integrating Twitter too. A new Twitter handle @GozoOmIt has been created which Nikita is handling to chat with fans on the go. Additionally, the show will also showcase interesting content and trends from social media. That is a perfect social media show rather than just reading selective tweets for a show!

Now if you are excited to dedicate a song for your friend or partner then log into the Zoom Facebook page. Click on the Facebook app that has been created for this show - Go Zoomit. Once you are authenticated by the app, you find a nice dashboard kind of app. The app has sorted music under various sections such as alphabetically, latest, most zoomed, etc. and additionally you have a search bar too. The app also provides a provision to add a song if your favourite song is missing.


So select the song that you want to dedicate, select the friend whom you want to dedicate and save it along with a nice message for your Facebook friend. The app also allows you to enable your Facebook profile picture which would pop up during the live show while your dedication would be played. So go ahead and dedicate songs the social way and don’t worry if your friends are not on Facebook you can also make dedications for them from the same app.

How is the Facebook app?

The show which is majorly driven by the Facebook app, Zoomit is a breeze to operate. I found the app effective for the following reasons:

1. The dashboard layout makes life easy when there is loads of content embedded in the app. Sorting features like latest, alphabetically, most zoomed, etc. powered with a search has really made the app effective.

2. The search feature not only allows you to search by song but also by star or a movie. A much required feature for an app like this.

3. The app allows you to add a song too and similarly if you have friends who are not on Facebook then you can still dedicate songs to them.

4. The app also helps you in making a dedication of a song. For example if you are puzzled by seeing too many nice songs then the app is providing a zoomed number. My guess is this is the number of times the song has been viewed in the app.

Ending Thoughts

Earlier in the year, we have seen the gradual push from the idiot box to adopt social media but the effort was not that comprehensive. But suddenly we are seeing a new push from TV in adopting social media. We earlier saw NDTV24*7 launching a weekday social media show that selects the most debated topic of the day on social media and has a debate in the studio in a social way.

Now we have Zoom TV which has built a show completely based on social media. Definitely these early moves by the industry leaders would give confidence to other players in the market and also to other stake holders.

A definitive trend that is going to be explored in more depth and creatively in 2013. Finally we are going to see TV going social other than just sharing tweets on the screen.