Zomato’s Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

Zomato's Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

Twitter Bio is the most interesting thing to happen and from boring ones to interesting ones, you will find it all on Twitter. Never ever has an intro been so cool as Zomato. When a brand says that it is a kickass food and lifestyle guide then you got to believe it is kicking some ass. Well we are not talking about the fiery funding that happened for Zomato. Since today is Friday, we bring you the Twitter interviews from brands that are kicking some ass on Twitter in 140 words.

I met Saurabh Sengupta in one of the meetup organized by SMCPune and believe me the talks he shared did gave me some food for thought. One of the points that was highlighted was that they manage their social media in-house and their focus now is on Twitter. Twitter is the best conversation social network and Zomato reads it well. So got in touch with Saurabh for an email interview and here it is:

Saurabh Sengupta

One Forty Characters by Saurabh Sengupta!

Q1. What is Twitter for Zomato?

A1. Medium to have an engaging one-to-one conversation with our users (existing and potential) in real time.

Q2. What does Zomato tweet about?

A2. Anything related to food & lifestyle, our product launches, updates on Zomato. We do not advertize our clients through twitter.

Q3. Number of Tweets matter or Content?

A3. Content is King. Always! 🙂 We do not spam the timeline.

Q4. Is deleting tweets an option for Zomato?

A4. Rarely. Tweets are deleted only in case of an error in the content (e.g. wrong link inserted etc).

Q5. #Fail, how do you deal in Zomato?

A5. Its actually a #win. Feedback is given by those who care. We thrive on feedback because it helps us improve our product and service.

Q6. What does Klout score for Zomato mean?

A6. We check it once in a while.  It’s a good tool to see if you are positioned well as a brand and have the right brand associations.

Q7. One forty characters of advice for SME’s/Startups.

A7. Be yourself. Be original. Have a conversation with your customers. Do not spam. Listen to their issues not just praises.


Answers to question 3 and 5 are just awesome and brands need to learn this from Zomato. A feedback is never positive or negative, it is upto an individual or a brand how it takes that. Rest if you are a brand that can’t take brickbats then either you delete your account or protect your tweets. Thanks Saurabh for taking the time and sharing the secrets of Zomato’s 140. We definitely loved the conversation in one forty characters. How about you guys, what do you think about  Zomato’s one forty characters?

P.S. By the way guys, if you come across or are aware that an Indian brand is doing great on Twitter and engaging with it’s community, then do tweet us at @LHInsights. We will make sure that we get in touch with them for the Friday Twitter Interview series.