When Zomato Roasted Amazon India For #AurDikhao

Amazon India trolls Zomato for #AurDikhao on Twitter, but the brand gets roasted back by Zomato for its over enthusiastic jibe

Brand conversations on Twitter are cool, just yesterday we saw the mushy love between Snapdeal and Freecharge. But over enthusiasm to create conversation by trolling another brand can backfire, like it did to Amazon India.

The global eCommerce giant Amazon India has been quite actively trying to create buzz and conversations with influencers for its ongoing campaign #AurDikhao. But today it went a bit far when it trolled Zomato asking whether the brand had given #AurDikhao brief to its designer for its continuous change in logos in the last six months.

Known for its sense of humor, Zomato had this perfect reply for the over enthusiastic Amazon India.

In a rush to create conversations Amazon India got itself roasted and had to settle the debate with a weird smiley. (*slow claps*)

Zomato has a reputation of roasting brands and celebrities on Twitter, previously it roasted Tanmay Bhat, Co-founder of Comedy collective AIB after he posted a joke on Zomato’s new logo.

Brands and their over enthusiastic agencies, next time you troll Zomato, make sure you are better prepared or else get ready to be the butt of jokes for the day on Twitter.