Zomato Crowdsourcing For It’s New TVC #20toMillion

An article on how Zomato is crowdsourcing for It's New TVC and how it is using Twitter to build conversations using the hashtag #20toMillion

zomato tvc contest
Zomato is looking for you

20 seconds of creative work can fetch you a Million, no I’m not drunk nor am I creating a sensational blog post. Zomato, India’s largest online food and lifestyle guide is promising it. Zomato is on the hunt for it’s next television commercial and instead of going to a well-known agency, it is knocking at your doors. The contest named ’20 seconds to a Million’ is up till May 15th, 2012 and if you think you can churn out a 10 or 20 seconds commercial video, then do it and upload it. The Zomato team would judge the videos and if it clicks with them then two of the lucky winners would be grabbing Rs.5 lakh cash prizes each. Isn’t that an exhilarating news?

Creating a dedicated website

Zomato.com/tvc is the dedicated website created for this contest. If you are one of the creative heads that wants to try her luck then do check out the website. Apart from the creative kit and the submit entries section, the site also has got helpful information such as Tips To Win, do’s and don’ts for the contest and also the set of approved videos for the contest. A good place to get a grip of the contest and to give it your best.

Using Twitter for spreading the word

The contest has already seen 170 submissions and Twitter is being used as the chosen medium to create the awareness drive. The conversations were initiated with the introduction of the hashtag resonating with the contest name #20toMillion. The hashtag has not only clicked with it’s strong Twitter community of more than 4000 followers but it also went on to become one of the top ten Twitter trending topics across India on April 12th, 2012. According to the stats provided by Tweetreach.com, #20toMillion on it’s inaugural day had a reach of 35K Twitter accounts and resulted in generating 150K impressions. Besides this, if you still join the Twitter conversations and tweet your ideas with #20toMillion then you could stand a chance to get yourself some exciting vouchers. Now isn’t that really tempting?

Zomato has been quite creative, as a startup and this was evident in a face to face interview I had last year with Saurabh Sengupta, the Business Head. Crowdsourcing ideas is not new for the industry as well as for Zomato. In the recent past, we had shared a story where Zomato had asked bloggers to review Zomato.com. The responses were awesome as expressed on it’s blog.

I am quite confident this experiment will have a good response for the following reasons:

  • Crowd sourcing ideas not only gives the brand multiple ideas but it also gives a chance to unknown names to showcase their talent.
  • An incentive is important. The Rs.5 lakh cash prize to each of the two winners is enough reason for you to give your heart out for it.
  • The use of social media and especially Twitter to make people aware and getting them to converse is really benefiting this experiment. A very important lesson for brands that start a hashtag for contests but then leave it for the fans to create the buzz. Just won’t work!
  • Finally, a startup breaking the traditional mould and setting up new benchmarks but at the same time proving itself as a social brand.

Earlier, we had reviewed a crowdsourcing campaign by Micromax where it had crowd-sourced ideas for its logo. Several contests are also held at Talenthouse India, an online platform for creative collaboration. Responses for these campaigns had been awesome barring few protests against such ideas. However, the Zomato campaign #20toMillion is not only an exciting idea but the push from Twitter is bolstering the initiative.

I think this experiment is going to pass out with flying colors. What do you think?