Zomato’s Chicken Khurana Recipe Lacks Salt

A look at Zomato's social media campaign in collaboration with Bollywood movie 'Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana' where winners in a crossword contest win free tickets to the movie


Chicken has always been a weakness. And when I see the words “Chicken” and “Social Media Campaign” on the same page, rest assured, I’m bound to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in me for some snooping.

In collaboration with the movie - Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, popular restaurant review website Zomato is up with a simple social media campaign for the movie. When you check out the Chicken Khurana Page at Zomato’s website, what first attracts you is the design of the page. Personally, I loved the use of colours and a frame to the embedded video. The movie trailer plays after eons of giving thanks to all of its producers. (not Zomato’s fault obviously!)


On the second half of the page, they have an appealing crossword challenge. I say appealing because even though I’m someone who doesn’t prefer crosswords, the solutions were so fun and simple to do, I was pulled by it. The challenges were all based on either the trailer of the movie or chicken food items. Don’t know about you, but writing down ‘kabab’ as a correct answer has always been an unfulfilled dream of mine.

The guidelines for the simple contest are even simpler. The challenges are changed every alternate day and one lucky winner per contest would win free tickets to the movie. The answers are actually pretty easy. I wouldn’t say as easy as those SMS questions asked on TV that insult my intelligence, but here they are at least just a Google search away mostly.

Zomato’s chicken Khurana, yummy or not?

Now to the review part. I wouldn’t call this a viral concept exactly. Yes, crossword is something different but other than trying to solve it myself I didn’t feel it had that oomph factor for me to share it with my friends. Even on Zomato’s Facebook Page, with over 254,000 likes, as of the time of writing this post, the update in the page about this contest had a total of 49 shares and 51 likes. That sure doesn’t put it in the Hall of Fame.

Something more could have been done. Maybe an ‘Angry Chickens’ game. Or a short animation fun movie titled “Chicken Attack”. I don’t know, I’m just guessing considering the interesting past campaigns they had designed such as the Instagram one and crowdsourced TVCComing to the point, though the contest makes sense and is decently aligned to the concept, I couldn’t find any WOW factor to it. Apart from that, the contest is hosted on the website considering that it is now a network itself - Foodie network. Also, having a share button right after the user submits the answer could have increased the chances of sharing.

Though I am not happy that the contest results are being declared on the Facebook wall. According to the Facebook contest guidelines, the wall should not be used for any kind of marketing activity. Most of the brands ignore such guidelines but Zomato which stands out on social media can at least set the standards right.

All the same, since I’m personally biased towards chicken, it’s a 50-50 stake for me. Good, but could have been better.

Hope no chickens were harmed in the making of this contest. Other than the ones over at KFC.