Zivame’s Quirky New Campaign Tells You Why You Need Not Buy Salesman Bhaiyya’s Favourite Bra

Zivame's latest #SalesmanWaliBra ad campaign is probably the only lingerie ad everyone in the family can watch together and also share a laugh or two


Lingerie shopping is a nasty affair. No female has been spared from the prying eyes of the salesmen. Earlier, in the times when there weren’t any retail stores with a dedicated corner for women’s inner wear, I remember us girls accompanying each other to the local store, so as not to be verbally harassed by the salesman. If you asked for a different shape in a particular size, or a new style to go with a particular outfit, the reply would usually be ‘that’s not right for you!’, but never an honest ‘we don’t have those,’ or better still, ‘are you kidding me?’

We never dared to ask further questions and ended up buying whatever we’ve been used to since the last 100 years!

But, with ecommerce coming into the picture, lingerie shopping suddenly became a breeze. There’s no need to book your friend for a day at the lingerie shop anymore. Browse through various styles, understand the right fit for you through the information provided, choose what you like, add to your virtual shopping cart, pay up and get back to what you were doing.

Online lingerie store, Zivame’s latest advertising campaign seeks to address these very lingerie shopping woes. The two TVCs came about following a brand research with 400 Indian women. The findings revealed that women shopping for lingerie offline always faced these two problems: (i) They have to compromise on style or size because offline stores have limitations in stock and less knowledgeable sales assistants, and (ii) They feel uncomfortable and unable to freely express themselves in the presence of salesmen.

Conceptualized by Famous Innovations, the ads feature women talking to the viewer and letting in a little secret how not to indulge in force-fitting or end up buying the saleman bhaiyya’s favourite bra!

The campaign has been extended on social media with the help of visuals and gifs, with a quirky take on lingerie shopping woes faced at offline stores. ‘Two sizes smaller’ bra instead of a right-sized push-up one, a fit so large that all the popcorn filled up the cups, and more. Some ‘laugh out loud’ content is being shared with the hashtag #SalesmanWaliBra.

Quirky new-age content marketing

Lingerie advertising has always been a skewed one; on the one side it screamed sleazy with the lingerie model looking suggestively from the other side of the screen, while on the other it was too uncomfortable to watch along with male members in the family, given that television is watched by the entire family. Zivame has gotten rid of all that with its hilarious #SalesmanWaliBra campaign.

Moreover, it is in line with today’s generation who wants the best, demands only for the best and most often gets it too. Zivame’s earlier ads highlighted the convenience factor of buying lingerie online as compared to the hassles faced at the offline store. But, this time it goes head on to tackle the embarrassment factor caused by ‘bra salesmen.’

The quirky visuals, gifs and campaign hashtag coined by Zivame is sure to generate a decent amount of brand recall in the social-savvy new age consumers mind. Lingerie brands can take away some smart content marketing from Zivame’s #SalesmanWaliBra campaign.