Zippo Launches #ShareThePain To Support People Who Have Lost Their Zippo Lighters

Review of #ShareThePain global campaign by Zippo launched as a support group for people who have lost their Zippo lighters to mourn their loss


Iconic American windproof lighter manufacturer, Zippo has rolled out a global integrated campaign designed to reach its target audience in a unique and compelling way. Leveraging the insight that consumers turn to social media channels such as Twitter to rant about the loss of their precious, much loved Zippo lighter, the campaign will enable the Zippo brand to respond to these consumers and allow them to #ShareThePain, encouraging a personal dialogue with fans.

A microsite called ‘Share the pain’ has been created for the campaign which will have a Zippo character named Jax ‘No Pain’ McFlame, the toughest guy in the world talk to consumers and share their pain of losing a Zippo lighter on social. One can watch the trailer and also tell Jax about the latest item they have lost in the empty box below. This will trigger an automated short video response from Jax McFlame himself, sharing the pain.

I typed in random things like time, crayon colors, lighter to which Jax did not bother to share the pain, instead he told me to get another one. But when I typed in Zippo, he was in tears and consoled me as if losing Zippo was the worst pain of loss in this world!


While ‘Meet Jax’ displays his bio, ‘Lost Stories’ is an interesting collection of lost & found stories of Zippo lighters over the years. Under ‘Zippo Facts’ that chronicle the important milestones in Zippo’s 82 year history, it is interesting to find Jax make an appearance and how he turned into the Zippo Man after losing a record 17 Zippo lighters.

‘Lost Stats’ shows neat infographics on lost stuff – what are the items to get commonly lost and how do people in various countries react to their loss, etc. #ShareThePain pulls out all the Twitter tweets that include the hashtag.

Here’s the video trailer featuring the world’s toughest guy breaking into tears on losing his Zippo:

On Twitter, Jax responds to users who post about their lost Zippo lighters, providing personalized responses and words of wisdom to help them in this tough time. Here’s Jax consoling people on Twitter who have lost their Zippos, while the Zippo India Twitter handle diverts people who have lost their Zippos to Jax.

Personalized engagement

Taking a humourous tone to highlight just how precious and personal a Zippo lighter is to its owner, the campaign takes consumer engagement to an over-dramatic level. #ShareThePain is interesting in its personalized approach with the inclusion of the Zippo man Jax. Content shared in the form of videos might help in increased shares, besides enabling the iconic lighter brand to be ‘human’ on social media with this funny personality.

The global campaign activated in nine markets including UK, USA, Germany, France, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea, will see Jax responding to consumers in their languages. Apart from engaging Zippo owners in these markets, #ShareThePain will also help non-owners to get interested to own one.

Image credit: Instagram