Zee TV Ramayan: Divinity In The Age Of Social Media

About the social media presence of ZEE TV's latest TV show 'Ramayan - Jeevan ka Adhar' and its virtual temple on a Facebook app


An epic like Ramayana also needs to evolve in the age of social networking. Designed to guide the masses, Zee TV’s ‘Ramayan - Jeevan ka Adhar’ based on Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas, has turned social media savvy with a Facebook page and a virtual temple to offer your prayers.

Zee TV Ramayan has returned to bless our Sunday mornings once again but this time it’s a whole lot digital and appealing to the youngsters. And the most amazing feature of this show is on the TV channel’s Facebook page - the virtual Ram Mandir where one can experience divine bliss!

Watch this promotional video of the TV show to gauge the likelihood of youngsters watching it on a Sunday morning. Hence, a dedicated Facebook page and an interactive temple might be the best bet for this newly launched mythological show.

‘Ramayan - Jeevan ka Adhar’ on Facebook

The mythological TV show depicting the oldest epic has opened a Facebook page early this month and has already made a mark with nearly 55K fans. Content is informative as well as exciting with a conversational tone around most of the posts. While the initial updates have been about the show, the characters that have been cast, the message by the producers, and what to look out for in the episodes, the later updates are more about the story as it takes shape.


In addition, there are informative tidbits about Ramayan. But what I liked best in the content strategy is the intent to engage with the fans. Asking feedback from fans, finding out what they liked about a particular episode, doing a poll, conducting a quiz and getting your fans to share the moral values they learnt from an episode is a fantastic approach.

About the Ram Darbar Facebook app

You can visit the Ram Darbar on Zee TV’s Facebook page through an app and you can offer your prayers without ‘liking’ the Facebook page. A beautiful graphical representation of the Ram Darbar, complete with Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita with Lord Hanuman welcomes you.

As can be seen in the image, it is a feature-rich app that replicates everything you can do at a temple. You can ring a bell, light a diya, play a choice of 3 aartis, shower flowers or smear haldi kumkum on the deities, break a coconut and even rotate the aarti thali!

All these features come alive when you ‘click to pray’. In addition to the menu style for prayer, the objects start functioning too when you click on them. For instance, you can shower the deities with flowers by clicking on the flowers in the basket below.

On the left hand side, there is a counter which in my opinion reflects the number of prayers offered till date.

How cool is Zee TV’s Ramayan - Jeevan ka Adhar?

The Ram Darbar is a brilliant move by Zee TV. Though it reminds me of a similar flash application created for the Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai, where one could avail virtual darshan and offer prayers with aarti, thali, coconut, etc. Nevertheless, it is a one-of-its-kind innovation for a TV show engaging on social media.

Recreating the oldest epic with a touch of modern technology might just be the required dash of lemon for a show that we have grown up on. The show needed to appeal to the young masses, who are forever glued on to their Facebook accounts rather than watch it on TV on a Sunday morning. And it manages to do that via the Facebook page and especially the Ram Darbar.

There are two features that stand out in this campaign for me: well aligned content and the underlying engagement in each interaction.

However, the Ram Darbar needs a little tweaking in the app design. As the Ram Darbar app needs some scrolling, fans can find it tough to use the dynamic ‘click to pray’ drop-down menu list. But, it was good to see some of the objects like incense sticks, diya, flowers, bell, etc. become functional upon a click.

I am loving this concept of going digital by Zee TV Ramayan. While I continue to experience a dose of the divine, you can visit the Ram Darbar and offer your prayers. And as always, I would love to know your thoughts too.