Zee TV’s ‘Connected Hum Tum’ Connects Through Social Media

We take a look at how Zee TV's "Connected Hum Tum" creates a presence on different social media channels and creates conversation with people.


Scientists, philosophers and even the almighty gods from the ancient legends have yet to decipher that complex equation called a woman. What women want, is often the most pressing question in every marketer’s mind. And they never cease to cash in on it. ‘Connected’, a reality show from Zee TV featuring women hopes to bring out the real picture behind being a woman.

After a successful start in Israel and emerging as a phenomenon in countries like Denmark, France and USA, the show has been brought to India in an Indian avatar called ‘Connected Hum Tum’. Marking Abhay Deol’s debut as a TV show host, ‘Connected Hum Tum’ features six women conversing with the camera at home, while at work or out shopping, and bringing their private lives in to public view.

Connected Hum Tum goes social

The six participants to share their hearts out are RJ Malishka, dentist and belly dance instructor Preeti Kochar, struggling actress Mahima Chaudhary, brand manager Pallavi Burman, corporate trainer Madhavi Mauskar and lastly activist and theatre producer Sonal Giani. The show in revealing their hopes, joys, mistakes, triumphs, fears and insecurities, is making an effort to demystify women and hopes to build meaningful parallel conversations in the social space.

Connected Hum Tum Zee TV

Creating a pre-show hype on social media. Although, ‘Connected Hum Tum’ is being telecast by Zee TV since June, the social media promotions for the reality TV show was launched well in advance, through a series of teaser updates on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Zee TV. Beginning with a video asking fans to guess the upcoming show, and then following it up with sharing the name and the logo exclusively on Facebook, ‘Connected Hum Tum’ made its grand entry through social media.

This was soon followed by a guessing game – fans were invited to guess the host of the show from the partially hidden face of Abhay. Promotional videos of the show followed thereafter. The page then continued the conversations with visuals of Abhay asking fans why is it so difficult to understand women. Most of such posts have created a good number of likes, comments and shares. Interestingly, most comments and interactions seem to be from women!

The title song of the show featuring Abhay was then shared on Facebook and Twitter, while being launched simultaneously on YouTube too. This was followed by a live chat with Abhay on Twitter, where Facebook fans were encouraged to submit their questions. Prior to the show going on air, the page admins shared pictures of the six participants on Facebook, without revealing their names!

A blogger meet with the show’s participants. At around this time, Zee TV joined hands with Indiblogger, an Indian bloggers’ community for a real world meetup, where bloggers met and interacted with the six participants in person. The event also featured an exclusive preview of the show for the bloggers.

The conversations occurring on Twitter are being captured through the hashtag #HumTum. With more than 43K followers on Twitter, the television channel is spreading content related to the show and trying to start conversations on the platform. However, the promo and the show videos on the YouTube channel aren’t working. A case of multiple copyright infringements on the YouTube channel has led to the termination of the account.

Television leveraging social again

As audiences are going social, conversation mediums have shifted to the online space. Social media, being a two-way communication mode, provides the right platform to involve your audience too, which is not possible on television. And for a reality show of this nature, going social is the way not only to create maximum engagement during the show but also for the significant impact created by the reach of social media.

Zee TV’s Connected Hum Tum is striking the right chord with its social media efforts like most of the television channels even prior to the airing of the show. Wonder if the show is planning on bringing a second screen experience with Twitter as has been the latest trend.