Zee Studio Introduces #TweetUrFlick - Viewers Vote For Their Weekend Watch Via Twitter

Zee Studio has launched #TweetUrFlick which allows the viewer to pick the movie they want to watch from the choices given to them via Twitter


Television takes help from Twitter! In a first-of-its-kind move in the Indian television industry, a channel has gone forward to actually listen to its viewers’ choice about what they would like to watch on a weekend. Zee Studio, the channel that brings the best of Hollywood on to your TV screens, has launched a cool property #TweetUrFlick which essentially allows the viewer to pick the movie they want to watch from the choices given to them via Twitter.

This weekend, the battle was between “Goal 2″ starring David Beckham and “The Men Who Stare At Goats” starring George Clooney. Viewers had to tweet for their choice with the hashtag #TweetUrFlick followed by the movie name, so it was either #TweetUrFlick Goal or #TweetUrFlick Goats. Goal won with a narrow margin of votes and will be aired on the channel on Saturday, 11th January at 8.30 pm.

#TweetUrFlick buzz on social

Apart from promos on air, the channel also used social media to gear up their viewers for # TweetUrFlick well in advance. A 3-day teaser activity in the last week of December 2013 involved getting the community curious about the new feature.

Curiosity was led by the hashtag #TwitterElectionsComingSoon, where with the help of visuals, the brand asked questions related to Hollywood movie stars. Each and every person who participated in this was informed to watch out for the 1st of January where the power to vote would be theirs. This was carried out simultaneously on Zee Studio’s Twitter as well as Facebook pages.

Post by Zee Studio.

Finally on the 1st of January 2014, a grand announcement was made revealing #TweetUrFlick and the two movies that the users could choose from. From the 1st of January to the 8th, viewers were given 8 days to vote for the movie of their choice. Daily activities ensured that users got talking about the movies and teams were built in support for each of the movies.

Content shared was themed around the movies. Visuals with George Clooney vs David Beckham, Football Field vs. Battle Field, etc were shared to give the users insights into both the films, and get them interested.

Post by Zee Studio.

The response was good: 1500+ votes in 8 days. The Twitter handle has shared the results through the Buzz meter.

Empowering the community

Apparently, 2014 is the year where predicted trends on the close association of Twitter and television are coming forth. Zee Studio’s #TweetUrFlick not only strengthens that bond but also helps create buzz amongst its viewers for the weekend movie. Along with being a simple yet innovative move on social media, #TweetUrFlick helps empower the channel’s online community.

Do watch out for the next Saturday voting. The battle for #TweetUrFlick is between two horror movies “The Haunting in Connecticut” and “Drag Me To Hell”.