How Zee Khana Khazana Created The #InstaCookBook On Instagram

Zee Khana Khazana's first ever Instagram cookbook, #InstaCookBook has been a hit with users looking for summer food recipes, here we explore its content strategy on Instagram

Zee Khana Khazana, one of India’s leading food and lifestyle television channel believed that reaching out to its target audience on digital meant that it would have to run online ads, have an updated website and a Facebook page.

Photo and video sharing network, Instagram was a platform it had yet to explore, but one that held more potential for the brand.

It is no secret that Instagram is the de facto home for appetizing food pictures and innovative recipes. Users of the network are mobile savvy, on-the-go millennials who are very receptive towards good content about food, especially recipes.

In fact Instagram users formed a major chunk of the brand’s target audience, mirroring its television audience. Based on its interactions and an analysis of its target group (TG), Zee Khana Khazana, in association with Social Kinnect, recently launched India’s first ever #InstaCookBook – a unique compilation of multiple summer recipes and tips on its Instagram page. And the TG has responded favourably with users following individual handles too!

#InstaCookBook brought together summer delights like lemonades with a twist, tango with mango, fresh summer salads, fun recipes for kids, pesto beyond pasta, quirky ice creams and more.

“Our core objective for #InstaCookBook was to tap into the largely interactive, mobile savvy as well as the on the go millennial audience who form a main chunk of our TG on our social networks as well as the ones who mirror the large number watching us on their television screens,” shared Karishma Kemmu, Digital Head for Zee Khana Khazana.

The idea for #InstaCookBook is not just to create a book of recipes but also serve as a summer food guide. “We wanted to look back on the trends of the summer gone by and put the best of it all into an interactive experience that could potentially be a successful property moving forward.”

‘Fun recipes for kids’ contained quickly fixed recipes that even kids would love to make and devour. It was showcased in a kiddie illustration style.

Are your kids your personal Junior Chefs? Do you think they can perfect easy recipes in one go? This one’s for you and your young kitchen kings and queens! #kids #juniorchef #recipes #kitchen #fun #InstaCookBook

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You might have had Kulfi from India, Falooda from Persia, and every other flavour from your local ice-cream parlour. However, some countries of world have their own way or making and having ice-cream. Flip through, to know! #IceCream #quirky #world #Turkey #Dondurma #Thailand #FriedIceCream #Japan #Mochi #Germany #SpaghettiEis #Italy #Gelato #Korea #Patbingsu #InstaCookBook Image credits: (dondurma, fried ice-cream), (mochi, patbingsu), (spaghetti Eis), (gelato) A video posted by Zee Khana Khazana (@zeekhanakhazana) on

The content is an eye-catcher with its combination of visuals and videos. Interactive content that is well within the short attention span of its users was part of its insights for a content strategy. In fact, the brand derived a few key insights based on its interaction with its audience:

  • They love food shots, short videos and interactive content.
  • They are inquisitive about recipes, interactive and immersive content.
  • The attention span of most users has diminished to a considerable amount in terms of content consumption today.
  • It is the generation of second screens.

“While we have had our Instagram channel long before this activity, we realised that we needed a certain fun-interaction to increase the engagement and create an element of intrigue to capture the short attention of our user base.”

‘Fresh Summer Salads’ covers 10 amazing salads with recipes for each. The brand used the Instagram functionality to create another handle that was tagged to the image which took one to the various recipes. One has to just tap on the image and click on the tagged profile to discover the recipes for them.

We have compiled the best, freshest, most flavourful salads from all around, just for you! Go ahead, make the most of summer till it lasts. Just tap on the image and click on the tagged profile to feast your eyes on some amazing summer salads. #salads #summer #best #fresh #flavourful #InstaCookBook #food #healthy #instafood

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Kemmu said that one of the major USP of #InstaCookBook is the Insta’ in it. The fact that one could dish up quick recipes in an instant was a hit with its audience. In essence, #InstaCookBook’s content was not only shareable but also useful.

‘Tango with Mango’ leveraged on mango season. The brand shared images of mango dishes, in the form of a flipagram, that was linked to its website’s mango recipe section.


Summer is incomplete without the bright, yellow sunshine of the King of Fruits – Mango! Check out for innovative mango recipes that you can prepare and drool on, later. #mango #recipes #innovative #summer #KingOfFruits #InstaCookBook


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“While we decided to create the #InstaCookBook our entire objective was to add value to our audience in a way that they find a utility in our campaign”. The activity is in its early stage and has found a positive response organically.

#InstaCookBook was not only cross promoted throughout the brand’s Facebook and Twitter platforms via posts and tweets, but the brand also reached out to influencers (bloggers, foodies, chefs) on Twitter and urged them to view the cookbook and spread the word.

The future is a bright one for #InstaCookBook. It is less of a campaign and more of a property that Zee Khana Khazana is looking to sustain in the future.

“We will be launching periodical editions of the #InstaCookBook to see how different editions of these favour well with our users,” Kemmu shared on the road ahead for #InstaCookBook.