Zee Café Announces Happy Hour At 3 For The Ellen Degeneres Show

Review of the social media promotions for The Ellen Degeneres Show by Zee Café through 'Happy Hour At 3', where the idea was to emphasize that the show meant an hour of happiness


Zee Café’s yet to be launched show has been creating a stir all over social media, within a week of its promotion. The latest season of The Ellen Degeneres show that premieres on the 10th of September on the channel which brings you the best of English entertainment, will be aired Mondays to Fridays at 3pm & 7 pm. And Zee Café has managed to get people talking about the show with its social media campaign – Happy Hour at 3.

Happy Hour at 3 has been weaved around the concept of the show. 3 pm has been portrayed as a time that one can relate to fun and happiness as The Ellen Degeneres Show is all about that.

Buzz with Happy Hour at 3

The buzz has been integrated with television, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube forming an interesting net to catch the target audience of English entertainment viewers. YouTube has been putting up banner ads that give the real time countdown to the launch of the show.

Beginning with ‘coming soon’ teasers, an intriguing suspense was created around Happy Hour at 3 on the channel’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Post by Zee Café.

A simultaneous reveal happened on the 3rd when the channel aired TV promos of Ellen with #HappyHourAt3 running across the network. The hashtag on the promo revealed that Happy Hour at 3 campaign was actually about Ellen on Zee Café.

Following this, fans were given a taste of the show through fun activities that reflected the essence of The Ellen Degeneres Show. Regular fans were made to feel like celebs through creative activities like online chats with the fans of the channel, fun hashtags and interviews along with Happy Hour giveaways, while sustaining and strengthening the buzz.

Quite a few innovative activities were done at 3 pm daily. The channel created hashtags like #EllenShouldAsk where fans could state which celebrity they would want Ellen to ask a question to and these received many interesting answers from the fans. A Facebook app captures all the conversations around the hashtag.


Also, on Twitter related hashtags like #HappyHourAt3 , #EllenAt3, #EllenShouldAsk were created to further build conversations, while gift vouchers encouraged participation. While #EllenShouldAsk trended at no.1 in India on the day of the reveal with the most wackiest tweets flowing in, #WhatMakesMeHappy and #HappyHourAt3 trended the next day too.

TV show promotions in synch

The Indian television industry has been among the first few to adopt social media platforms for a wider reach. Everything from new movie premieres to reality shows and travel and cooking shows, have been creating waves on Facebook and Twitter even prior to the airing of the show. With ‘Happy hour at 3’ campaign, Zee Café has managed to not only create chatter around the upcoming ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ quite innovatively, but it has also helped involve the online community with the concept of the show - fun and happiness.

Besides the integrated promotions, Twitter has also been smartly leveraged with a number of relevant hashtags; the idea of buzz generation revolved only around the show and what it stood for. But, what I liked best are the visuals shared in the updates - always clean, clear and reflective of Ellen.

In a nutshell, ‘Happy hour at 3’ has succeeded in conveying that The Ellen Degeneres Show at 3pm brings an hour of happiness. I am a big fan of the show and hope to catch her every day, but possibly only at 7!