Gossip Girl Spreads Gossip About Your Friends On Facebook

About the social media promotions for 'Gossip Girl' to be aired on Zee Café. A Facebook app helps to spread harmles gossip about your friends and Twitter has been used for fun contests and conversations around the drama series.


We love to gossip, don’t we? We love getting our hands (or rather ears) on a little personal tidbit or some more sinister secret about our friends, and then quickly find someone to share it with. Gossip Girl - the American teen drama series that thrives on the story of teens and gossip - has now recreated the fun of gossip on Facebook. All this is a bid to promote its 5th and 6th season on English entertainment channel, Zee Café.

The channel had ensured to create maximum visibility across all mediums before the show went on air. The social media promotions also involved weaving in the magic of gossip and its nature to spread stories faster.

Gossip Girl on Facebook

The Facebook page of Zee Café created this fun app called ‘What’s the gossip’ where the Gossip Girl would reveal a secret about a friend you choose, which you can then share on your wall. Apart from the app, the page has also been sharing updates about the show.

‘What’s the gossip’ Facebook app is not exclusive to fans, so you need not ‘like’ the page to spread the gossip. After you enter the app and give it the required permissions, Gossip Girl is all ready to reveal your network’s scandalous secrets.


Select a friend and click on ‘What’s the gossip’. The Gossip Girl then creates a signed image featuring your friend and the secret about her in a neat layout. See what Gossip Girl revealed about Aaron above!

You can then share or invite friends to gossip about you. Sharing will put that image onto your albums and you can then message your friend too. The app then provides an option to continue with more friends on your network so you could do some more gossipmongering.

Gossip Girl on Twitter

The Twitter page of Zee Café with more than 4K followers, has been more active in creating conversations than the Facebook page. The channel has arranged for Gossip Girl tweet-ups at Hard Rock Cafe in Delhi and Mumbai exclusively for the hardcore Gossip Girl fans. Fans were asked to share their idea of a perfect girls’ night out with the hashtag #GirlsNightOut and they could win an invite to the party. Apart from that, a contest was also run around the series with exclusive Gossip Girl merchandise to be won.

Ending thoughts

Promoting TV programs on social media, especially Facebook is no more the big idea in social media marketing. But, promoting them with a cool concept that involves the community and offers them something more than other mediums is what drives the ‘Gossip Girl’ campaign. The idea of spreading gossip about friends on Facebook and getting the whole network to gossip about it is fun, provided your friends take it in the right spirit though!

Besides, Facebook also holds the target viewers of the drama series who are the urban teens hooked onto Facebook. Along with the Twitter engagement with contests and tweet-ups, the channel has managed to reach out to its fans. A cool idea coupled with the apt platforms makes the campaign a good one.

However, I’d prefer it if the Facebook app only worked after a ‘like’. This way the channel could have grown its Facebook community which is at 614K fans right now. Zee Café has missed out on an opportunity to garner relevant fans through this promotion.

Nevertheless, I like the concept of spreading gossip, so this campaign works for me. What about you?