From Creating Music To Lighting Up Solar Jars, Yuwa Girls Are Hacking Their Way Ahead With Lenovo

Under the #PitchToHer campaign with Lenovo, the Yuwa girls are learning music, getting Hutup on Wikipedia, experimenting with GoPro cams to enhance their football performances, and more

Social cause campaigns are beyond marketing chutzpah and just signing a cheque. Money is the fuel, but smiles blossom when brands come forward and make others feel that they are with them for that moment. Lenovo and its digital agency Experience Commerce have chosen to better the lives of the Yuwa girls using technology.

Yuwa is a not for profit organization that teaches girls to play football so that they are strong enough to take their own decisions and confident enough to face the world. Apart from training in football, the not-for-profit organization provides coaching in English and math. It also holds a range of workshops—everything from learning-based fun and games for the younger children to gender and violence discussions for the older girls.

Most of these girls from the hinterland of Jharkhand at Hutup, rarely get a chance to choose their own future but then the girls of Yuwa are rewriting their script with football.

On this 69th Independence Day, Lenovo, which has been associated with the Yuwa girls, thought of doing something more, something that can bring joy to their lives and resolve some of their mundane issues. While it is easy for Lenovo to solve the issues on its own, real life hacks happen when you open the door of creativity and innovation for society.

This thought led to the emergence of #PitchToHer - a campaign that is calling the brightest minds to pitch smart ideas that can impact the life of these girls. They could be ideas such as building a mobile app to track football attendance for the girl coaches or even build noise proofing for Yuwa’s tin-roof classrooms.

If your idea gets selected after you have convinced the Yuwa girl then you will be invited to visit Hutup for a month-long sponsored internship. More details on how you can crack this internship and if you are all set then pitch your idea here. Before that you might want to take a look at the featured ideas so far.

In the last three days, the Yuwa girls have learnt quite a few hacks with their initiative and able support from the brand and the agency.

Placing Hutup on Wikipedia and Google Street View

To get the girls connected with technology and internet, Lenovo started by setting up a Yuwa Lab - a room full of laptops, tablets and Makey-Makey kits and other exciting tech gear. Post that the first thing the girls went through was placing Hutup on Wikipedia.

Post a brainstorming session, the girls decided to list the places of interest on the page. And then they set off to photograph those places, while a handy app installed on the Lenovo phones geo-tagged the photos along the way.

After an introduction session to Google Street View, the girls received a hands-on experience with the Theta 360 degree camera. After understanding how it works, they proceeded to click 360-degree pictures to create a Street View of the route from the YUWA house to their football fields. Take a look at their creativity on Google Maps.

Interacting with Surojit and Gurpreet

All work and no play makes your brain lazy. To make learning fun popular musician Surojit Chatterjee - co-founder of Bengali rock band “Bhoomi”, came down from Kolkata to hang out with the girls, play songs for them, help them use Makey-Makey kits and create music with them.

Lenovo Yuwa1

He crooned some of the band’s most popular songs to the girls who joined him in chorus. They then got down to come up with tunes of their own using the Makey Makey kits provided by Lenovo.

National goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, who plays for Norwegian club and the first Indian footballer to be a part of a top division European club spoke to the girls over a video call. The discussions travelled from training routines and diet to Gurpreet’s personal life and his impending wedding plans.

Lighting up solar jars and light painting

The fun of learning and experimenting has had no brakes. The Yuwa girls were introduced to solar energy and how it can be captured. The girls assembled the jars with the help of the volunteers and are ready for the surprise event that would happen tonight to celebrate Independence Day.

Meanwhile they have also had the opportunity to tinker with the open source coding program ‘Scratch’ that gives the ability to program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.

Lenovo also decided to join art and football together for the girls with light painting. A photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera. The below image tells you how quickly the girls got a hang of it and came up with this beautiful image.

Experimenting with GoPro Cams

In 2013, the Yuwa football team finished third in an under-14 tournament in Spain, and last year they travelled to the US to take part in the Schwan’s USA Cup. However one of the challenges for the coaches, like any other professional outfit, is to be able to analyze their matches for weak spots and areas that need improvement with the power of data.

As an experiment, the girls and their coaches along with the Lenovo team today rigged a camera to a helium balloon using a bottle. They then floated it above their practice field. With one of their Lenovo phones acting as the remote control for the camera, the girls and their coaches managed to capture a few pictures and video clips of the practice session. This would obviously help the team scale their performance better and reach even greater heights.

While the girls have been experimenting and having fun with technology and internet, the social media channels of Lenovo have been sharing the live action. Apart from the updates, the Twitter channel asked its followers - “What do you think India can achieve #WhenGirlsAreFree.”

The campaign ends in 4 weeks from now. If you want to make a difference then pitch your creative ideas to the Yuwa girl. Who knows you might be the lucky one to be invited to visit Hutup for the sponsored internship. This is your chance to pitch your idea, convince and execute.