YRF Merchandise Celebrates With Valentine Fest On Social Media

A look at YRF Merchandise promoting their products while celebrating the Valentine festival on social media

Love is in the air and it is raining much more than chinar leaves this winter. If the Yash Raj Films (YRF) brigade has it their way, every street in every corner of the country would be loaded with the romantic tunes of Silsila, Kabhi Kabhie and peppy numbers from Hum Tum, Bunty aur Bubly, Band Baaja Baaraat and more. But, fortunately that is not so!

Still, there is good news for the sake of diehard YRF fans  - now you can take a piece of these love classics to be gifted, to be cherished at your side table or to be had a cup of coffee with. How you ask? With Yash Raj Merchandise made up of bedsheets, mugs, canvas art, stoles, bags and much more featuring the YRF couples.

The company that has built the largest collection of love classics has been minting them in the form of YRF merchandise available at online stores. Beginning February the month of love, the brand has embarked on an extensive effort to promote their goodies on social media.

YRF Merchandise on social media

In a nation that runs on films, Yash Raj Films has created a strong foothold in the social media world. Leaning on its offline fan following, YRF Merchandise has built multiple presences on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. While the content shared is mostly about the branded merchandise, it is interesting to see conversations being created through polls, contests and more.


YRF Merchandise has close to 12K fans presently on Facebook. The page that was founded in late July last year, has been sharing about the new venture with interesting updates, especially during the popular festivals. Beginning January, the brand began to create buzz by creating polls to gain insights on the most favourite YRF merchandise, in addition to showcasing the product range suitable for Valentine gifting. It then followed up by sharing a video from its YouTube channel featuring the movies that inspired some of the merchandise:

While there wasn’t any dedicated Facebook app running a contest, lucky fans (read following the brand on all its social media channels) were given discount vouchers for sharing particular posts  and spreading the love on timelines. Also, winners from a Twitter contest were announced on the timeline.

YRF Merchandise on Twitter has been running the #BestValentineGift in #spreadthelove contest, where one has to retweet and mention a person they would like to dedicate the featured merchandise to. The 2.6K followers on Twitter have also been invited to participate in Rose Day celebrations and a Pinterest contest.

A ‘Pin it to win it’ contest is being run on the YRF Merchandise board on the Yash Raj Films Pinterest page. The contest invites followers to repin and tag the person they would like to dedicate the featured product to.

How good is it?

The campaign has been designed with little contests on each of its social media platforms that helped in spreading the word either by sharing, retweeting or repinning, and giving away discount gift vouchers. Being a sister brand with  Yash Raj Films, the campaign could  have been integrated across it’s different social media channels along with bigger incentives other than a discount voucher. Nevertheless, it does meet the objective of the campaign - to create online visibility for the YRF merchandise and promote the online store too.

Interestingly, the Google Plus page of Yash Raj Films has also been running separate Valentine day promotions, along with sharing about YRF merchandise information and contests to win them. It would be quite an eye-opener for us if we could know what impact does this campaign have on the sales at the online store, wouldn’t it?

So, which YRF Merchandise has your heart fallen for? I’d prefer the usual DVD set!