YouTube Bus To Show Olympics On The Go

About 'YouTube Bus', a YouTube India initiative to stream Olympics on the go

YouTube India has begun the ‘YouTube Bus’, an initiative to stream Olympics on the go from July 26 to August 13 covering the villages of the participating athletes and with specially shot awareness videos for the game and the athletes.

London Olympics 2012 will have a greater reach than any Olympics played so far, thanks to social media networks such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc. The awareness level of the games has increased and consequently the support too. However, it is also sadly true that most of the areas in India still struggle for electricity or a decent television cable network.

It was back in 1982 when Indians got a taste of colour in the form of colour television sets. 30 years later Youtube India has created another milestone to popularize the Olympics and the Olympians who have given everything to it. Youtube has launched an initiative titled ‘Its Time You Cheer.’

olympic youtube bus

YouTube has partnered with International Olympic Committee (IOC) to bring live coverage of the London Olympics 2012 to India and 63 other countries across Asia. As a part of the initiative, Youtube has flagged a ‘YouTube Bus’ that will travel through the villages of the athletes who are participating in the Olympics. The bus which kicked off its journey on July 26 from Gurgaon plans to travel only across states like Punjab and Haryana covering places such as Sonipat, Bhiwani, Hissar, Dera Basi, Patiala, etc. The flag off event saw a series of specially shot videos ‘know your athletes’ and ’know your sport’, featuring the likes of Indian athletes Sandeep Singh, Mary Kom and Heena Sidhu. The event also saw the launch of a special theme song by music composer, Shantanu Moitra and lyricist Swanand Kirkire, titled “Aap agar saath hain, to jeet bhi saath hai.”

The bus would be halting a day at each of its destination and will end its journey on August 13, 2021 at Jalandhar. The bus is equipped with 10 television screens, headphones and internet connection. The screens will showcase 10 different games which will be streamed simultaneously giving the people a choice to watch their favourite game.

Following the footsteps of the success of live streaming the Indian Premiere League and the French Open, Youtube has launched this new initiative to promote the Olympic games in India. This is not the first time that Google has used Youtube to show it’s support for Indians. Apart from the games, the company has been streaming live events such as the Budget Sessions every year.

I consider this as a smart marketing move to support the Olympics - the company not only builds motivation for the most anticipated games but also brands YouTube as the infotainment go-to platform instead of the traditional television. Wonder what are other companies such as Facebook India planning to do. Nevertheless, if you come across the Youtube Bus, then do share the pictures and if you love the sport then you can follow the games live on the Olympics Youtube channel.