You Pick The Flick Facebook Contest By Star Movies India

An article on the You Pick The Flick Facebook Contest By Star Movies India and how television is slowly becoming social.

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Don’t you face this situation often when you have 100’s of television channels at your fingertips but none of them are able to satisfy your need? I have faced this much too often and ended up spending my time on online video sites such as Youtube. Apparently, television channels are also understanding the same and trying to give what viewers wants rather than just dumping stuff on the idiot box. Star Movies India, one of the popular Hollywood movie channels in India, is now asking you to select your favorite movie and they are going to show it to you. Isn’t that cool?

“You Pick the Flick” is a very simple Facebook app designed for it’s fans and if you want to see your favorite movie then just click on the app. Once you are logged in the app, the app provides you a list of four movies from which you will need to pick up your favorite one. Once you have decided with your movie, go ahead and click on the “Vote Here” button and vote for your favorite movie. And if your movie gets the maximum number of votes then you can watch it on a Sunday night at 9 P.M.

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The move is smart considering the brand’s huge community on Facebook and helps in engagement too. With a strong community of more than 600,000, the brand has an amazing engagement going on with its fans. You can see it from the below data from Unmetric and if you just scan through the brand’s timeline, you would see the brand actively engaging in rational dialogue with fans.

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Fans Vs Number of Them Talking

Content is always a big driving factor to increase engagement levels by any brand and it was good to see that Star Movies has focused on it’s content. The detailed breakdown of the various categories of content being produced by the brand has been displayed below. A quick takeaway from Star Movies India for brands or SMEs who are willing to create a mark on social media.

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But then “You Pick the Flick” is not unique. I remember this strategy was tested before via SMS when we didn’t have Facebook in our life. Besides this, the brand has no updates after 15th April on this program. I hope the brand is not wishing to stop this initiative. I would also prefer if the brand could bring along the factor of rewarding its fans for this initiative. It will give more reasons for fans to participate in this contest.

Television has to be social if it plans to survive as today the viewer is getting choosy day by day and she would be only happy if you are going to serve tailor-made needs and wants. Sony Pix did the same last year when they closed the Chicks On Flicks show on television and reopened on Facebook. Makes more sense, as you wouldn’t wait for a week to listen to a movie review. By the time it happens, the movie is already stale so moving to Facebook made sense for producing reviews real-time. I think in these changing times where everything is all about real-time, television will have to adapt fast.