‘You never lamb alone’ shows Australian diversity, Dixie creates ‘deadzone diners’

Global digital news of the day - 'You never lamb alone' campaign by Livestock Australia shows Australian diversity, Dixie creates ‘deadzone diners’ so people can talk instead of text during meals, and more

Australian comedians tackle ‘new dad stress’ in Dadvice web series: Australian comedians and new dads are the stars of a new online web show that’s been created to help other new dads deal with some of the emotional stress of becoming a dad for the first time. The Dadvice series has been made by mental health charity Beyondblue.

You never lamb alone with Australian diversity: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched its marketing push for spring lamb, tying together the tagline “You never lamb alone” with the quest for respectful cultural diversity in Australia. The ad addresses criticism that the lamb brand was associated with discrimination in the Australia Day 2016 commercial, Operation Boomerang.

Dixie has created ‘deadzone diners’ so people can talk instead of text during meals: To get people talking instead of texting, Dixie has rolled out a campaign featuring its ‘deadzone diners’ in the hopes of encouraging people to put down their phones once in a while so they can actually enjoy some real human interaction.

Influencer marketing: You’re doing it all wrong: Maggie Malek of Marketing Land explains how influencer marketing can end up missing the mark and how you can do it the right way.

Loft joins Snapchat with a shopping strategy: Loft’s Snapchat strategy falls into the trend of retailers hoping to relate their Stories to their products, even they can’t be bought straight from the app. Users like Ann Taylor can’t link out, so shopping is not a particularly natural behavior for the platform

A lesson from Instapaper: The freemium model is doomed: The Pinterest - Instapaper deal does not come as a surprise, not only because the two are both in the field of organizing content, but also because of Instapaper’s freemium business model. An acquisition seemed a highly likely option to capitalize on the investments and the time spent building and maintaining Instapaper.

CNBC creates campaign for Chinese government around G20 Summit: CNBC’s in-house advertising agency CNBC Catalyst has created a campaign for the Chinese State Council Information Office (SCIO) for the G20 summit this week. The campaign aims to position a view from China as being committed to the global economy, as well as setting out the priorities for the country as it hosts the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.