You Can Virtually Own Deccan Chargers With MojoStreet

An article where fans Can Virtually Own Deccan Chargers With MojoStreet app

Kalyan Manyam

This year’s IPL is just not about cricket and traditional marketing. This year there has been a hard push by brands to involve and engage fans in different ways and in a way be more social. These initiatives are being run by different teams right from the start of IPL. If Delhi Daredevils was looking for creative heads to design a logo then Mumbai Indians went one step further and designed an ongoing campaign to bring fans closer to their cricketing idols.

Following the same trend, Deccan Chargers that represents Hyderabad has tied up with, a location based mobile game to launch a new social media campaign, which would allow fans to own the Deccan Chargers team virtually. Not only that, fans would get a chance to watch the IPL matches from the Owners Lounge at the Hyderabad stadium. ((As reported by AFAQS))

So if you are one of the die-hard Deccan Chargers fan, then you need to download Mojostreet (a free app) depending on the platform that is supported by your smart phone. Once you have the app running, then just walk into any of the partner outlets of Deccan Chargers listed by Mojostreet and check in your details. This activity would award you a special offer that would be delivered right on your mobile screen and you can redeem it in real time at the store. Besides the special offers, a user who checks in the maximum number of times at partner locations will virtually own the Deccan Chargers team.

The campaign may be the first to be tried by an IPL franchise team to engage with fans but it’s not new. Last year Mojostreet had tied with Café Coffee Day on the lines of the same business model. A user would be awarded offers if she checks in via the app and the offers could be redeemed in real time. Not sure if the campaign is still working or not but the latest move by Mojostreet to tie up with the Deccan Chargers is a smart one. The move not only gives Mojostreet the benefit of the ongoing popularity of IPL but also gives Deccan Chargers fans a motive for check in.

However the bigger question here is why would a guy or girl download the Mojostreet app and checkin. At least not for a 10% discount on coffee, the incentive has to be a far lucrative one and aligned to the objective. I suppose since the tie up is with the IPL team then the offers would be available on the Deccan Chargers merchandise. Besides this, virtually owning a team is good but not enough for a user to check in multiple times. I would have preferred if the brand could have rewarded the user with a free match ticket or a cool jersey of Deccan Chargers. I think then it would be a good motive for a fan to check in multiple times. But two things need clarification here: (i) Will these offers be open all over India or is it going to be restricted to Hyderabad only, (ii) How is the app going to decide whether you are really a Deccan Charger fan?

So if you love checking in on the move, then would you be interested in availing the latest offer by MojoStreet? Do share your experience in the comments.