You Can Hate Serials At

A review article on which allows you to vent your dislike for TV serials and is also integrated with Facebook open graph.

Remember the TV serial that promised to be the struggle of a street girl towards a better life? Or the one launched with much fanfare, about social evils like child marriage, dowry,etc? Whatever happened to them over the months that they have been on air? They have been morphed quite ingeniously to satisfy the TRP monster and now resemble the monotonous family drama. I had started watching the one about child marriage very religiously but as time passed by, I had begun to hate it! Recently, I heard about and I knew it was created for my rescue! is a site that encourages you to show your dislikes. The interesting part is that you can now show your dislikes for all the illogical serials, that are running since months on the idiot box. I really hate all television soaps now so is a boon for me. It  has given me an excellent opportunity to vent out my frustration by disliking a particular serial. I have already done so for Pavitra Rishta.

Home Page

Once you are on the website, you have a visual display of the most disliked serials at the top - Pavitra Rishta is followed by serials like Uttaran, Hawan, etc. So if you are excited like me to show dislike then select the serial which you hate the most. To make your life easy the website provides you with a search option that can search results on serial name, channels, languages and alphabetical listing. Along with this, the site allows you to sort serials based on love and hate numbers.If you think that some serials are missing from the list then you can suggest these to be added to the site owners. The below screenshot shows you how a particular channel page would look like.

Channel View

Now that you have your serial to be disliked, just click on the button “I Hate it :(” If you are a first time user, you would be asked to authenticate with your Facebook account. That’s it, you are free to show your dislike for as many serials as you want and if you wish you can leave comments too. The site, which is using the Facebook open graph syncs all the activities on your Facebook profile under the activity section. Besides, the site also has a “I Love It” button in case you like a certain serial, which makes me wonder why the name of the site is “Serial Haters”!

Although the idea of showing your dislike is innovative, I came across a few glitches in the site, which if checked could make this site more interesting and engaging:

1. As a user, I can click on the hate button multiple times. I don’t find any reason why I would hate the same serial multiple times and increase the count.

2. When I click the “Let the Hate Out”, which I think is the Facebook fan page, it  fails to work. On click it leads me to nowhere.

Nevertheless, the concept is interesting and could be expanded to movies, brands, politicians, etc.; there is a whole bunch of things that we are frustrated about. Apart from this, I am impressed by the search and since these are the early days of the site, I am sure we are going to see some more enhancements.

So which serial will you click the “I Hate It :)” button for?