22 Hilarious, Chilled Out And Regular Creatives For Yoga Day 2016

Brands in the business of wellness were joined by brands in the business of toys, pets, books and more, every brand added its unique voice to its Yoga Day content

The 21st of June saw a global phenomenon where millions of people gathered to mark the second International Yoga Day. An idea sparked by our PM Narendra Modi in 2014, found immediate acceptance at the UN assembly that went on to declare June 21 – also the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – as International Day of Yoga or IDY.

In the first year itself, it set two world records on Yoga Day 2015. The Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy) won two Guinness world records last year – one for the largest yoga class featuring 35,985 people, and the other for the largest number of participating nationalities (84 nations). This year the scale has grown.

The 5000-year-old practice has now been fully embraced by more than 135 countries this year, with Modi leading the torch in India. The day saw several national and international events bring together yoga practitioners for a day of health in mind, body and spirituality. This video by Times Now gives a glimpse into how the world celebrated the day:

Modi wants to make it a worldwide movement with each of the seven billion people starting their day with yogasanas. As much as the day has bolstered the yoga industry the world over, Yoga Day has also helped boost other industries looking to reign in the popularity and momentum.

Brands in the business of wellness were joined with brands in the business of toys, pets, books, and what have you. Every brand has strived to add its unique voice to its Yoga Day content, be it with a measure of humour, wellness or new product connect. We bring you here a set of the most hilarious, the chilled out and the regular stuff doled out by Indian brands this Yoga Day 2016:

The hilarious

Penguin Books India bonded really well with book lovers in the country.

Bingo Snacks, the triangular shaped chip is always finding mad angles to everything, including yoga!

Practo, the network to find a right doctor for your problem, wants us to stretch a little with these hilarious asanas at work.

Deals site Mydala takes a reality check in this visual.

Deadpool movie shows you even superheroes need yoga to relax, especially Deadpool.

Scoopwhoop’s gif says it all, we hope Modi hasn’t seen this.

The chilled out

Maharishi Patanjali will be very excited to know about this new type of Surya Namaskar - the Pizza Namaskar, one which works the opposite: you are sure to put on kilos!

Flipkart does not sell Nirvana!

Swiggy, the food ordering app gains every time you stretch work, and gain appetite!

Sterling Holidays wants all of us lazy sloths to find our inner peace this Yoga Day.

Tata Docomo wittily advertises its XL pack this Yoga Day, heard about Binge-asana anyone?!

Samsung Mobile only talks Gear S2 nowadays, watch how he turns the bezel on Yoga Day.

Intel India emphasizes on the flexibility attained by practicing yoga, demonstrated by the flexible two-in-ones.

Amazon India uses Yogi Cat to make its point.

Pulse candy, the nation’s favourite candy of the moment is onto some really chilled out Yoga.

Huffington Post was interested in your ‘Om’ face on Yoga Day.

The regular

IDBI Bank doles out a regular gif.

Retail fashion store, Shopper’s Stop finds an easy brand connect with this interesting gif.

Philips Sound found the right connect with its music-loving community: the visual blends Yoga Day as well as World Music Day.

Moto India dishes out cleverly placed stock images along with its logo.

Barbie is all about racial diversity in its new evolved avatar, so much for a doll!

Do share your favourites with us, and let us know about any other Yoga Day creatives we’ve missed.