Why Yes Bank’s Digital Strategy For IPL 8 Needs Innovation

Yes Bank is the official partner for IPL. This time the bank has extensive on-ground activations but is running only social media contests on digital

Yes Bank IPL8

Yes Bank, India’s fifth largest private sector bank has been the official partner of Indian Premier League since 2013. Over the last three years as an official partner to the T-20 styled cricket matches, the bank has enjoyed tremendous visibility across all matches of the tournament, regardless of the performance of any team.

With Yes Bank being the official partner, it is entitled to extensive branding across all stadia and communication from BCCI, thus providing extensive assured visibility. “We have innovated over our three-year partnership with the IPL and employ media in more effective and targeted manner. We have focused on online social and on-ground community engagement activities to amplify and bring to life, the high on-air visibility. As a brand we are reaching more audiences every year with the increase in the reach of media as well as the deployment of incremental media,” Rajat Mehta, President, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Yes Bank said.

IPL is undoubtedly the biggest media property in India. With a combined viewership of over 200 million across more than 180 countries over the years, IPL has become an efficient marketing vehicle for brands like Yes Bank.


This year during the ongoing IPL 8 with an extensive on-ground integration, Yes Bank has come up with a digital campaign - Yes Bank Maximum.

The campaign driven by a microsite with the same name requests a user to log in via Facebook and Twitter for a better experience. I was denied any such experience since the Facebook login failed repeatedly.

Moving forward the webpage informs about the ongoing IPL games, social media contests, Yes Bank maximum videos and upload Cricfie - selfies with cricketing gear. The webpage has integrated a bit of gaming flavour with Maximum Over - a spin wheel game where users would get a trivia question and answers would add runs to your profile. A leaderboard showcases the runs scored by an individual user along with top scores. Again I wasn’t able to experience the spin wheel game since it required a social login.

Facebook and Twitter are being used to drive regular contests and even visuals are targeted towards ongoing contests. Besides the conversations on Facebook and Twitter are similar.

Maximum Social Media Contests, does it pay?

While Yes Bank’s investments on the overall IPL led marketing campaigns have gone up over the years according to Rajat, the digital campaign is a disappointment from an innovation perspective. The entire campaign is being driven by social media contests; when the bank is trying to bring innovations on ground why is it shying off from digital innovations?

Running Twitter contests during the IPL matches might get you trending but does that help a brand like Yes Bank? Including gamification angle with leaderboard concept and selfie ideas are done to death ideas.

The videos being uploaded by Yes Bank are from the IPL matches courtesy BCCI. What incentive do these videos provide to a digital audience? Perhaps the bank can think of creating original content and evolve its YouTube channel from a platform that broadcasts annual results to an entertainment destination.

Lastly, you can’t keep fans engaged only with conversations around contests. Moreover sharing print articles as screen shots on Twitter is a complete fail. Can the agency not create interesting visuals around such content?

Banks in India over the last few years have evolved from social media contests to social banking but Yes Bank is still stuck in creating engagement via social media contests. Its about time for Yes Bank to redefine its objective on digital.