Yes Bank Engages Fans With Saat Ka Sikandar Contest On Facebook

About Yes bank's Facebook contest called Saat ka Sikandar that engages fans with movie related questions


India’s fourth largest private sector bank, Yes Bank has launched the ‘Saat ka Sikandar’ contest on Facebook that lets fans test their movies quotient and win a cool smartphone as the grand prize.

Indian Banks have been indulging in social media in more ways than one. While some of the major players like ICICI, IDBI, HDFC, etc. have embraced the medium fully, we are seeing many of the other banks doing it right on social media. I was pleasantly welcomed by a movie quiz contest called ‘Saat ka Sikandar’ by Yes Bank, that was running Facebook ads for the same.

Saat ka Sikandar is a fun movie quiz from Yes Bank open exclusively for its fans. There are a set of 7 movie related questions where the winner or Sikandar would be decided based on all correct entries and the highest number of votes received on the 7th question.  The Sikandar wins a grand prize of a smartphone. Also, the fan with the first correct entry will qualify for the prize per movie

About Saat ka Sikandar Facebook app

Saat ka Sikandar can be accessed on the brands Facebook page through an app. The users need to Like the page if they haven’t already as only a fan can become a Sikandar! At present, the app is hosting the 4th contest.


The app displays the fan’s name and asks her to enter email, age, phone and city, following which it displays a set of 3 multiple choice questions on a particular movie. The movie poster is displayed at the top, so it is just a matter of some Google search on behalf of the fan to get the right answers. A ‘submit’ button accepts entries and upon submission, there is an option to share it on the wall.

How cool is Saat ka Sikandar?

Saat ka Sikandar is a simple and neat app but could have provided for a better experience in terms of usability. The layout and colours work for me but as a participant it was a fight to find the Terms & Conditions for the contest. I found it in the Facebook Notes but would have been happy had the T&C link been provided in the app itself.

But then quite a few features that are often overlooked in most apps, have been taken care of in Saat ka Sikandar and these deserve a mention:

Well tested: The app has been well validated for right entries. It didn’t let me submit before I entered all the fields.

Winners on a separate tab: The winners have been announced on a separate tab and not on the wall as is the usual practice. As per Facebook app guidelines, you cannot use the wall for any kind of promotions but some brands run all kinds of promotions on the wall itself.

In a study conducted in April, we didn’t find a clear winner on social media as banks are still evolving in social media. However, one of the positive moves that banks have made is to shed their traditional avatar and engage with fans in a fun and chilled out way. Recently during the London Olympics banks came one step further to execute fun campaigns. ICICI which has been doing well on Facebook in terms of fan engagement built an app iArena that allowed you to play some of the interesting games of Olympics. IDBI Bank created a trivia contest and tested fans knowledge on Olympics.

The move by Yes Bank is on similar lines. Most of us are crazy about movies and engaging fans on a continuous basis was a smart move. However, the app has few glitches. Asking for phone number while collecting personal details is not required, one can inform the winners by email too.

Besides this, as said earlier, the T&C link was missing from the app and was present in one of the notes. A T&C helps a fan to understand more about the contest so it should be present on the app and not on a Facebook note.

Nevertheless, I like the baby steps that Indian banks are taking since they live in a world of regulations. I find the ‘Saat Ka Sikandar’ contest interesting and would look out for more creative ways of engaging with fans in the coming months by Yes Bank.