Yebhi Announces New Try-n-Buy Feature Via #TRYnBUY On Twitter

A Twitter campaign by Yebhi to create buzz about its new Try-n-Buy feature. The brand ran a Twitter contest around the TVCs launched for the new feature.


Buying online has its own qualms. What if the beige suit turns out to be gray? What if my shoes do not fit correctly? As a solution to these online shopping hurdles, ecommerce portal has introduced a ‘Try-n-Buy’ value proposition and is extensively promoting it on Twitter. The feature, as the name suggests, enables a customer to try the product before buying it. If your payment mode is cash-on-delivery, you pay only after trying it out and if you happen to pay online, but are not happy with the stuff at the time of delivery, you can return them and get a refund!

#TRYnBUY on Twitter

Yebhi launched two TVCs featuring Raageshwari Loomba and Cyrus Sahukar to promote the ‘Try-n-Buy’ feature. And, this was further amplified by creating a buzz on Twitter, using the hashtag #TRYnBUY. The TVC videos were shared on Twitter and twitteraties were invited to answer 21 questions relating to the new TVCs. Random correct answers for each of the questions won a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000. Participants were also asked to follow the Yebhi Twitter handle (@yebhi) and retweet the contest tweet, apart from sending in their entries.

With Rs. 21,000 to be made all by watching two TVCs, tweeting the right answers and keeping your fingers crossed, #TRYnBUY began to trend within the first 10 minutes of starting the contest and continued for 50 hours. Here is a storify of some of the interesting tweets, that helped #TRYnBuy to trend:

Yebhi Trends #TRYnBUY

Ecommerce portal Yebhi’s new feature Try-n-Buy was promoted through 2 TVCs and tied up around a Twitter contest with the hashtag #TRYnBUY. Here is the story behind the hashtag and the response on Twitter.

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Are you guys ready to PLAY! 😉 #TRYnBUY Answer #21 Simple questions & u can win #21 Thousand rupees by E.O.D.:) RT to let your friends knowYebhi
Check out our new TVCs here.. 🙂 & #TRYnBUY Questions will be from the Ads so watch carefullyYebhi
#TRYnBUY Question #1 What was the number of legs of the laptop stool? Check for answers!Yebhi
@Yebhi super cool ad.I don’t think any other e-commerce websites have something called ‘Try and Buy’. Seriously,too good. Hats off. #TRYnBUYMalcolm D’souza
#TRYnBUY Question #4: Pattern on pillow cover? a) Check b) Stripes … Hint:
@Yebhi awesome ad…totally banged the floor… 😀 #TUCCPiyusha Pilania
#TRYnBUY Q#12. What is the color of the shoe visible on the screen when he puts his foot on the laptop? Hint:
@Yebhi OMG, your ad are so awesome, they catch the emotions so well, that is the same feelings I get when I shop online :)Born With Heels
@Yebhi This is quick 🙂 got my voucher 🙂 so happy , Thanks :)Born With Heels
#TRYnBUY Q #20. How many rings is Rag wearing? 😉 #Hint:
@Yebhi Brilliant concept and framing btw! Says a lot without using words! #TRYnBUYSammy 【ツ】
@yebhi AV is just what i think before everytime i think to buy a dress or shoes from online shopping! Yehbhi karke dekho cool! #TrynBuyDevanshi
@Yebhi #TRYnBUY is very good concept, with all the awesome features, this has added a new star to your charm :)Vaishali jain
@Yebhi : Kahase Dhundh Dhundh ke la rahe ho Ques..! Kuddos to the team.. Fun playing #TRYnBUY Contest.. :DSparkle Girl
The main concern people have about #OnlineShopping is that they can’t try the product before buying. Ab Yebhi Karke dekho… #TRYnBUY :)Yebhi
What a day! Won my first twitter contest! 🙂 Thank you @Yebhi Got my voucher already! 🙂 Someone
You guys are AWESOME! Do you follow us on Pinterest? Check out our boards on and do FOLLOW! #TRYnBUY :)Yebhi
We will #remember this DAY! Thanks for making #TRYnBUY such a success! Trending in #India for 26 hours! C u all soon in another contest! :)Yebhi

Some numbers achieved via #TRYnBUY (numbers reflect period between 1pm 27th Feb and 4pm 28th Feb):


- #TRYnBuy  trended for 50 hours in India.

- #TRYnBuy was mentioned in 11,083 tweets and  the Yebhi Twitter handle @Yebhi was mentioned in 8002 tweets.

- 1910 twitteraties participated out of which 90 had 10K+ followers and 3 had 100K+ followers.

- The campaign garnered a total reach of 3.37 million, creating 17.22 million impressions.

- @Yebhi grew by nearly 10% followers.

Weaving in Facebook

For a contest on Twitter, what better than to rope in your existing Facebook community to participate. Yebhi has more than 1.2 million fans on Facebook and they were also encouraged to participate in the Twitter contest. The TVCs were shared on the Facebook wall and along with that, the page shared updates about the #TRYnBUY Twitter contest. The cover page was also updated to reflect the new Try-n-Buy feature at Yebhi.

Ending thoughts

Online shopping portals are finding new ways to attract the mall hoppers who get to see, touch and feel the product before buying it. While most ecommerce portals do have the 15 day return policy, this too is too much of a hassle for a consumer looking for a good and convenient buy. With the new Try-n-Buy feature, Yebhi could succeed in wooing them, and hence spreading the word was the need of the hour.

#TRYnBUY trended for over 50 hours when the contest was launched on the 27th of February, and this enabled widespread promotions for the feature. Besides, it was also well executed. Tying up a Twitter contest along with the TVCs and giving away attractive gift vouchers was a cool idea. And to add to that, weaving in the Facebook community with its 1.2 million strong fan base, only helped increase the campaign virality.

#TRYnBUY on Twitter has not only helped the brand promote its new feature, it has also grown its Twitter community with the mandatory ‘following’ for participation in the contest. Yebhi now stands at 5,500 followers on Twitter!

Brands are integrating various mediums to spread their message, be it TV, Twitter or Facebook. And, while this Twitter campaign may have created spam on your Twitter timelines, it did succeed to bring you its message, didn’t it?