How Yatra Brought Alive ‘Creating Happy Travellers’ With #ReliveHappiness

Travel brand Yatra helped recreate a girl's favourite photo from her childhood, and also filmed it for its campaign #ReliveHappiness, bringing alive its brand mission too

Happiness can mean different things to different people. But it only means one thing for hardcore travel enthusiasts – travel. There is a certain joy in travel, a little heartbeat skips at the idea of a vacation and the mind wanders into happy memories hidden in the past. We often end up scrolling through our travel pictures.

Wanting to relive those memories, people try to recreate photos from their childhood, in the exact same location and in the same outfits. It’s a social media phenomenon now. Trying to relive your childhood by posing for pictures with your family, siblings, pets or friends, in the same way it is in your happy childhood photo, is a cool thing now. And a travel brand used this to make someone happy.

Last month, had launched a social media led initiative called ‘Relive Happiness’ where the winner actually got a chance to relive her most favourite moment from childhood.

The travel company is on a serious drive to bring alive its mission of ‘Creating Happy Travellers’. This is also its ninth year of existence and the brand wanted to establish itself as an enabler of happiness.

Yatra partnered with digital agency Brandmovers India for the campaign that comprised a microsite and social media platforms to help amplify the initiative. Fans were invited to upload a picture of their best memory on the microsite and share why they would like to relive that once again, using the campaign hashtag #ReliveHappiness.

While the hashtag got trending on Twitter, entries poured in at the microsite. After sifting through 150 valid entries, Yatra chose Surmai Bhatt, a girl from Bhopal now living in Mumbai who had always wanted to have a family vacation together.

Ever since she grew up she only saw holiday pictures of her family in which she is just a toddler, or not even there. She submitted this photo wishing to relive that moment again.

This was her closest dream, and Yatra did the needful.

Surmai’s journey has been captured beautifully in this 5.25 minute film, where things don’t go right at the beginning (like most family vacations), but there’s always a happy ending!

Creating Happy Travellers

Sometimes all a brand has to do is join in the conversations and be a part of their consumers’ social lives. Yatra seems to have nailed it in this campaign. Drawing insights from social media trends and conceptualizing a campaign around it, that fits in perfectly with its brand mission, is a cool initiative indeed. With #ReliveHappiness, Yatra has shifted its communication from a materialistic one to an experiential one. There can’t be a better way to bring alive its mission of ‘Creating Happy Travellers’.

The challenge, however, is to sustain the brand affinity earned by this campaign. Yatra could look into more experiential campaigns that bring about joyous travel experiences for travel buffs. A similar campaign for close school friends or middle-aged couples can help the brand bond better with this demographic too. Users could be rewarded for sharing their happy travel memories and more.

The travel business is on a high growth path in the country, with more travel brands perking up their communication campaigns or rebranding themselves altogether to cater to the new age traveller. With this experiential campaign, Yatra has moved one step closer to that.