Yahoo Stars, Just An Attractive Content Aggregator!

Yahoo Stars a content aggregator site of Bollywood celebrities and cricket stars is attractive in looks but lacks innovation.

Yahoo does surprise its fans every now and then with old ideas packaged in a new case. ‘Yahoo Stars’, still in the beta stage is the new addition to the list. It is a site that aggregates tweets, videos, links, etc. of Indian Bollywood and Cricket celebrities and presenting it in a very cool way.

Yahoo Stars is accessed once you log in via your Yahoo account details so the push is also to increase its community. The site has four major categories:

1. All Stars: It is the home page or the landing page, which is a snap shot of Yahoo Stars. It provides you all the news, gossip, etc. from stars life in a colorful way. The screen in divided into three broad sections. Main one is the ‘Trending Updates’ that talks about all the hot gossip trending over the Internet. Whether it is the Shahrukh’s #slapgate controversy with Farah Khan‘s husband or Hrithik being charged up after Agneepath’s success, the section has it all. The section also gives you a glimpse of the trending links, videos, pictures, tweets, etc. as you can see in the screen shot below:

Trending Updates

The other two sections in the screen are ‘Trending Stars’ and ‘Latest Followers.’ Trending Stars are the one who are the favorite of people on the site and no doubt Amitabh rules the list and Tendulkar has made his way along with King Khan, Katrina Kaif, etc. Trending Stars section also allows you to follow your favorite stars via clicking on the Follow button. Latest Followers is a list of all the latest users using Yahoo Stars. On click of any profile the site provides you the details of the Yahoo Profile, which is not of much use.

Stars & Followers

2. Bollywood and Cricket: These are the next two categories and it provides the user a choice of browsing through individual favorites. Both the categories resemble the same look and feel of the main screen, “All Stars”. However I really doubt how many of you would like to see the updates about the Indian cricketing stars after the whitewash of Australian tour.

3. My Stars: Is a category for the user, which provides a section to keep you posted about all your favorite Bollywood and cricket stars. It too has the same screen layout, as the earlier screens did.

Apart from this Yahoo Stars also provides individual profile pages of celebrities, which either you can search or pick from the list of Trending Stars. I chose to follow the real Bollywood star Amitabh. So along with the various links, tweets, etc., I can also see how many people are following him and sharing of the same with my Facebook friends is possible too.

Yahoo Star Profile

With all these features, one more feature that has made me admire Yahoo Stars is the way the content has been presented before the user, which is also the coolest thing about the service. Whether it is images, tweets, etc., the presentation has been a visual delight that can be felt if you click on any of the links or images.

Amazing Content Display

My Thoughts:

The app no doubt is a visual delight and considering that Indians are mad about Bollywood and Cricket gives more the reason to appreciate the move. However, I can get the same content on Twitter but not majority of people would know how to list data useful for them. So apart from the presentation, it does not appeal to me technically as it is neither a unique nor a killer idea.

There may be a crowd who are crazy about celebrities but then only 74 people are following the most trending celebrity, which gives a fair bit of idea that not too many people are using Yahoo Stars. I think it is one more add-on feature by Yahoo here with its entire gamut of content but a tablet version will make sense in the future. On another note, is Yahoo going to modify its main site in similar patterns too, if it is a ‘Yes’ then it could be really tempting to come to Yahoo regularly as in the past.

I am curious to know how many of you know about the Yahoo Stars service or wish to use them.