Yahoo India’s Movieplex Is The Answer To Housefull Of Youtube

Yahoo India's Movieplex Is The Answer To Housefull Of Youtube

Yahoo India Movieplex

Movie on demand through internet is a business that is getting crowded gradually. The latest entry has been made by Yahoo India which has recently launched “Movieplex”. “Movieplex”, is an online video destination portal which allows users to watch licensed full-length Bollywood movies for free. The initiative will also mean Yahoo collaborating with production houses so that it can bring piracy-free and rich entertainment experience for its community.

Movieplex presently is offering eight popular Bollywood movies such as Aakrosh, Rann, Crook, etc. The crisp HD quality movies are also offering other businesses to connect with its target audience via ads on Movieplex. Some of the key advertisers for now are LG Electronics, Maruti Suzuki India, etc. who have tied up with Yahoo Movieplex to reach out to its customers as well as the existing engaged Yahoo customers. LK Gupta chief marketing officer, LG Electronics expressed the same too:

“The growth in online video viewing has been exponential and movies are passionately followed by the Indian audience online. We are delighted to work with Yahoo! on the launch of Movieplex and through our association; we aim to deliver the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV proposition to millions of deeply engaged Yahoo! consumers.”


The launch of Movieplex brings Yahoo India on a face to face competition with Google India that had launched Boxoffice few months ago on YouTube partnering with Intel. However, Yahoo’s promise of quality content is keeping it on the race as shared by Arun Tadanki, managing director, Yahoo India :

“Over 30 million Internet users consume 1.7 billion videos every month across India. With the increasing demand for online video, both consumers and content providers are looking for a trusted destination where quality content can be consumed in a piracy-free environment at their leisure. Movieplex is an example of how Yahoo! connects people to what matters to them the most and Indian movie lovers now have the best full-length movies available to them at their convenience.”


Nevertheless, fresh and variety in content from Boxoffice will keep the heat on. To regain viewership, Movieplex will have to tie up with multiple production houses quickly to provide latest Bollywood movies which is already being done by Boxoffice. Recently Boxoffice procured the rights to showcase Bhejafry-2, a recent Bollywood movie for free.

Businesses are finding it a lucrative horizon but from a user point of view, services such as online video in demand could be cherished more with a cheaper and cost-effective internet. However going further, we think that this is a space to be watched out for as its soon turning to be a booming business after ecommerce in India.

Source: Alootechie