Xylys’ The Story Of Design Fails To Impress On Facebook

by Vinaya Naidu on September 10, 2021


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Xylys watches from Titan is being rebranded to reflect how design matters with a new TVC and ‘The Story Of Design’ application on Facebook. 

Xylys, an exclusive brand of Swiss made watches from Titan was being branded under the tagline “You don’t possess a Xylys, it possesses you”. This however didn’t quite bring the Swiss-made appeal – the aura of precision, perfection and elegance. Hence, Xylys has been repositioned under ‘DESIGN. It matters.’ And the brand has roped in multifaceted Farhan Akhtar as the brand ambassador.

Xylys is being promoted through a TVC featuring Farhan and a puzzle game on Facebook ‘The Story of Design’ that is interestingly weaved around the TVC. One has to view the TVC which is actually a series of images depicting how things should always be and the role of design in life. Then rearrange the scrambled pieces of the TVC in the right sequential order in the quickest time and reply to ‘Design matters to me because”.  And what is on offer – a personalized watch autographed by Farhan Akhtar.

About The Story Of Design Facebook contest

The Story of design resides on a neat Facebok app, that is reflective of the website designed for Xylys watches - black, stylish and dynamic. The home page which is a mini-website has been well thought of with all the required promotional links.

Xylys The Story_of_design

The Home page has many provisions. You can watch the TVC and also do the following: ‘Watch the making of the TVC’, Share the page  with your friends or visit the Xylys website. At the bottom is displayed a toll-free number alongside a link ‘Store Locator’. However, I couldn’t locate any stores as the link didn’t open. Also, I could not view ‘Watch the making’ video as it was a ‘private’ one!

However, I proceeded with playing the game and started filling the empty boxes with images from the TVC. After that, I was asked the significance of design in my life along with all my personal details like name, email id, mobile number and city. And then a Thank you message was displayed.

Could the Story of Design have been better?

Anything to do with design catches my attention but then it must be perfectly functional too, especially if you are promoting a Swiss-made watch that boasts of precision and detail. A little glitch might leave a bad taste in the community. But the concept is interesting and well-aligned with the objective. I liked the game and the gamification created around improved brand recall via the TVC. Besides, the addition of the toll-free number and the link to the site and store locator is a smart thing to do.

However, it could have been a ‘like’ campaign and helped build the community. But as I have pointed out earlier, the app has quite a few things to be improved upon:

1) ‘Watch the making’ video is private: Apps on Facebook need to be tested thoroughly for bugs. I was really looking forward to see some ‘behind the scenes’ just as most fans would be. Also, the ‘Store Locator’ link opens up a page that is unavailable though I was able to open the same link through the Xylys website.

2) No Terms & Conditions: As far as I could dig into, I wasn’t able to see the T&Cs for this contest. I needed to know contest end dates if not many other things like basis of judgement, prize details, etc.

3) Too many personal details collected: From the looks of it, I feel the app has been designed to collect names, email ids and phone numbers alone. Winners can easily be notified on the app itself by creating a ‘Winners’ tab, but a lot of unnecessary personal data is being collected here. That apart, I fail to understand why some of the details were not retrieved from the Facebook user details.

In addition to this, it’s a good practice to display the top scores at least in terms of the shortest times taken. So adding a Leaderboard would have been made this exciting for fans.

Brands on social media need to move beyond age-old traditions and get socially smarter if they want to survive in the long run. Most of us are aware of this, yet the practise continues unchanged. Here’s a checklist that might help those looking to create a successful Facebook campaign.

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