Write The Future – KRDS India Facebook Apps Hackathon [Event]

KRDS India is having a Facebook Apps Hackathon starting from July 7th and ends on July 8th

Facebook has supported app developers and many of the features incorporated by the network today, have been born during the hackathon nights. So if you are an app developer and dream of building a uber cool effective app for users then KRDS India wants to give you a chance to live your dream. KRDS, the country’s largest Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant (now PMD), is organizing ‘KRDS FaceCode’ for the second year in a row. ‘KRDS FaceCode’ is a 24hr, all-night hack contest happening on Saturday, July 7th and ends on Sunday, July 8th, 2012 for the developer community in India to build apps exclusively for Facebook.

The theme for this year is “Write the Future”. The hackathon encourages developers to focus their apps on solving real life problems such as corruption, education, traffic hauls, etc. Facecode, which is open to all enthusiasts from freshers to working professionals, gives you an option to participate online or if you are in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi, then walk towards the respective KRDS office in the cities.

Besides this make sure to keep these things in your mind:

1. Register before 8 PM on Friday, July 6. click here for registration.

2. A team can have a maximum of 3 members.

3. Don’t worry for food, beverages, Internet, etc. KRDS is going to take care of these.

4. If you have queries then post them here on the Facebook group or you can email at facecode2012[@]krds[.]com

5. You can bring in your own laptops.

Oh and by the way there are prizes like iPads, iPods, Windows phones to be won, so good luck guys and build some killer apps for Facebook. We would love to review it the coming days!