Wrangler India Searches For A True Wanderer

A review on how Wrangler India is utilising social media platforms to drive traffic to its biking adventure competition, True Wanderer 2.0.

A review on how Wrangler India is utilising social media platforms to drive traffic to its biking adventure competition, True Wanderer 2.0.

Wrangler India, which is into manufacturing of jeans and other contemporary clothing for the youth, launched a competition by the name ‘True Wanderer’ in the summer of 2011 aimed at bike lovers and enthusiasts. After the grand success of the first edition where the winner took home the superbike, Hyosung ST7, Wrangler India has come up with the second edition promising it to be “bigger, more engaging and more rewarding.” Apart from being a competition, True Wanderer is also an attempt from Wrangler India in creating a community for adventure-seeking bikers.

What the competition is all about?

Before I move on to describing and reviewing the social media efforts let me explain to you briefly how the competition works. The True Wanderer 2.0 has a dedicated website for the competition. The aspirants can enter the competition only through the website. All you need to do after logging on to the website is click on ‘Particpate’ and fill the form. If you are already a True Wanderer community member, you just need to use the login button. Once logged in, you are given the option to create an ‘image blog’ or a ‘text & image blog’. After choosing your blog format and submitting your content your participation is complete.

The winners of the first phase will be determined through voting and will go on a biking adventure. Seemingly, the winners of this phase will be judged after being voted for what they post about their journey on the True Wanderer website. The grand prize for the competition is the Harley Davidson Iron 883. (For detailed information you can check out the terms here.)

True Wanderer on Social Media

To start with, you will need to like the Facebook page to able to be a part of the True Wanderer 2.0 competition. You would be then asked to fill your personal details which will, in effect, make you a True Wanderer community member. Upon submission you are required to log in to your True Wanderer account in order to participate in the competition. And that is where the job of the Facebook app ends.

Apart from the app, the content being posted on the Facebook page for its 173K community to promote the competition is visually pleasing, possesses clear call-to-action and is good enough to strike a chord with the biking community.

The official Twitter account of Wrangler India with nearly 500 followers has a decent content strategy. Just like the Facebook posts the tweets have a clear call-to-action as well. They also retweet relevant tweets. The thing I liked about their content strategy is the discretion of their posting. The tweets are relevant and not very frequent, thus, not spamming people’s timelines.

Wrangler India also has a Google Plus page with 14 people having them in their circles. However, it is inactive. And finally Wrangler India has a presence on YouTube as well. On the whole, the channel has got some really interesting videos but so far the videos relating to True Wanderer 2.0 are only the ones where the winner and the runners-up of True Wanderer 1.0 are wishing the contestants of True Wanderer 2.0. Of course, more videos are expected to be added once the phase two begins.

Ending Thoughts

The True Wanderer is like many other campaigns which have dedicated websites/microsites for themselves on which the competition is run. The objective is to drive traffic from social media to the respective site. But since they created an app for the purpose of registration, they could have also explored the option of allowing participants to upload their entries using the app itself. And the participants in any case would have to visit the website to promote their entries.

Moreover, I found a glitch in the registration form present on both the Facebook app and the website. While filling it up, I accidentally chose ‘Yes’ for the question “Did you participate in TW 1.0?” while I hadn’t. So I chose ‘No’ but it didn’t change. It took a double click to get it selected. Apart from that, the app worked without a problem.

And not to forget, one thing I wish that could have been done better was the size and placement of the competition ‘terms’ text link. In both the app and the website it lies at the bottom of the pages in a small font. And you can’t afford to miss it as it contains all the important dates, process of selection of winners and other rules of the competition and the aforementioned information is not given anywhere else.

Lastly, as claimed by Wrangler India, the True Wanderer is not just a competition but an “attempt to create a community”. However, other than the entries of the participants which is some great content there is nothing else to talk about True Wanderer as a community. It doesn’t even provide the members with a platform to communicate with each other on the website itself.

Previously, we had covered The Grand Indian Road Trip By Castrol India which not only was a massive campaign but made sure it turned out to be a bikers paradise. Biking is more than driving miles; it is about bikers and the brotherhood passion to live for. I am sure with time we would see this happening in True Wanderer 2.0.

So how did you like this campaign and the concept of community building from Wrangler India? Bikers, does the whole thing excite you?