WOW, A NASSCOM Initiative

WOW, A NASSCOM initiative

Although the web is a place where you can get whatever you want today, the common man in India thinks twice to do a transaction. With ecommerce really catching up in a country and digital consumption on a high, NASSCOM has come up to support the community with a new initiative called Wonders Of The Web(WOW). NASSCOM is trying to achieve two objectives:

1. Create awareness among Indians that shopping and planning the Internet way is much more fun and secure.
2. It is also supporting the online service providers community by creating a pool of them so that people can do business with them with ease.


The small video that is shared below on how WOW can make your online travel really great is the apt example:

[youtube KbJgaEhuPe4 400 300]


Wonders Of The Web campaign on social media

To build awareness among Indians for the WOW campaign, NASSCOM has moved the social media way. The Facebook page is running a small contest where it is asking users to answer simple questions on travel. Each week a lucky winner stands a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Y so if you are looking for Santa to come to your home early then don’t delay this.

WOW Contest


Fans love free goodies and brands have really tried hard in capturing this emotion. WOW does a great job here in fan engagement by creating an app exclusively for its fans and the engagement level has really soared up. For example question three has got more than one seventy comments.
Engagement level on Facebook wall has really gone up with the contest but it would be great if they can mix content. Along with the contest awareness, they should also provide valuable information about online deals and initiatives from the service providers that are tying up with. Also talking to fans about their worst nightmares on the Internet and trying to solve them would create a great bond with fans.

Fan Engagement


Apart from Facebook, the other channel that has got attraction is the WOW Youtube channel. Getting a Youtube brand channel is a smart move. However, WOW also has a Twitter and LinkedIn community which is yet to grow. Adding a LinkedIn group at this moment is not at all a smart move. It’s always advisable  to let your community grow on one network and then expand to other horizons.

Wonders of Web is a campaign that has started really at the right time when the ecommerce world is booming amidst fears of being a bubble. NASSCOM which has immensely supported the startup, IT, Internet, etc. communities in India has once again done a great job. Joining the social media bandwagon has been the right move but they need to do it a bit more aggressively. Facebook is doing great but along with that if they could empower the one forty characters then I am sure the campaign will get lot more visibility. So if you are a service provider then add your name to the list that has already started to grow.

Don’t you think more such campaigns and initiatives are required to support a community trying to resolves pain points of customers?

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