How brands won hearts with cool visuals on #WorldHeartDay

Brands in the business of health, well being, fitness, love & dating, even life insurance ensured your social feeds reminded you how to keep your heart healthy, and why, this World Heart Day

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They say ‘beauty cannot be seen or touched, it can only be felt by the heart’. Often attributed to Helen Keller, the quote brings up the picture of a heart as the home of all feelings. Love, kindness, passion, belief, hope, brotherhood, patriotism, humanity and more are emotions hidden in a tiny little heart. Yet, any of these can move mountains apart!

Interestingly, the enormous social web connected by virtual networks also reflects a behaviour driven by the heart. ‘Likes’, ‘hearts’, ‘favourites’, ‘stars’ are all but digital symbols of indicating your heart says yes. Research on social sharing also lays ample proof about matters of the heart being in place, when it comes to virality. Inspirational, heart-warming, emotional stories enjoy higher shares on social networks.

Which brings us to ‘World Heart Day’, a day dedicated to the well-being of your heart. Celebrated every year on the 29th of September with the objective of spreading awareness about cardiovascular diseases, the day offers creative scope to connect with digital audiences. Given the preference for images, more and more brands are investing in visual content creation this year and finding a resonance with a special day has become an obsession for most content creation teams.

This ‘World Heart Day’ was no different; brands in the business of health, well being, fitness, love & dating, even life insurance ensured your social feeds reminded you how to keep your heart healthy, and why. What was interesting this year is the added storytelling and creative effort behind the content. Let’s take a look:


Practo is your doctor network that helps in finding the right doctor for your problems and also helps doctors digitize their practice. The brand’s interests might lie in you being sick most of the times, but when it comes to its content marketing, Practo always talks good health. This World Heart Day, Practo rolled out a series of visuals that informed about what’s bad for your heart, along with a currently popular movie name as a hashtag.

Fortune Foods

The maker of edible oils and food products is all about health. This ‘World Heart Day’, Fortune Foods ran a day-long contest inviting people to write letters to their heart, while conversations were pushed around the brand’s Rice Bran Health oil.


The delivery app for your everyday grocery, fruits and vegetables indulged in an informative gif telling you what colours of foods are good for your heart, and where to get it from!

Horlicks Oats

Oats have been accepted as a naturally healthy food for the heart; Horlicks Oats asked people to take up the pledge to be healthy heart-wise beginning this ‘World Heart Day’.

Reebok India

The fitness wear brand talks running for a healthy heart in this gif.


The health care brand from Marico which makes edible oils, functional foods and salt is all about achieving a healthy heart through the right foods. The brand’s social media channels rolled out this simple gif with tips to attain a healthy heart.


Local search engine Justdial got into the act too.

Philips Sound

Music does affect the heart beat and what a brand resonance by Philips Sound! A very simple yet innovative visual for its music loving fans.


One of India’s leading dating apps points out the relationship between your heart and mind. Woo has a different take this World Heart Day.


Housing portal Commonfloor resorts to a stock image but the intention of engaging with its house hunting community on an occasion like World Heart Day is commendable.

Havells India

The home appliances maker used the occasion to promote its airfryer that uses less oil comparatively.

Bajaj Allianz Life

A life insurance brand’s interests lie in you being hale and hearty. Bajaj Allianz Life insurance established two things with its visual: one about the importance of keeping your heart healthy, and the other is about brand association with a secure future, or an insured future.

Visual content marketing is steadily on the rise with more brands looking for a sync with important days of the year. It is impressive to see occasions like ‘World Heart Day’ being leveraged by a variety of brands. Do let us know of creative brand visuals that deserve a mention here.