How These 7 Indian Brands Are Celebrating #WorldEmojiDay

A list of seven Indian brands that are celebrating #WorldEmojiDay with fans on social media


Don’t use emojis or emoticons to express yourself then you are old like me. Today millennials or the restless souls prefer emojis to communicate or express themselves. To celebrate the growth of this new global language, the world is celebrating #WorldEmojiDay today.

How can brands be left out when the new language is being driven by their most important target audience – millennials.

Indian brands have shown their keen interest to celebrate #WorldEmojiDay – either they are communicating via emojis with fans or running contests around emojis. Listed below are 7 such brands who have joined the #WorldEmojiDay celebrations:

1. Bingo

The snacks brand shared the below visual while asking fans to comment only using emojis.

2. Spice Mobiles

The smartphone company is running an activity around emojis. The brand is sharing emojis and is asking fans either to guess the name of the movie or song or dialogue, all related to Bollywood.

3. Pepsi India

The aerated drinks brand launched a video where a guy expresses his love to his girlfriend with emojis. In fact the guy goes one step ahead and proposes to her, the girl says yes while hugging him. All this happens just with few emojis, the times we live in! In addition to this, the brand is providing a free app for Pepsi branded emoji keyboard.

4. Tropicana India

The fruit based beverages brand on #WorldEmojiDay has been sharing #FruitEmojis while celebrating goodness of fruits. The brand has asked fans to share pictures using #FruitEmojis while getting lucky with goodies.

5. Tata Docomo

The Indian operator has been known for sharing hilarious real life incidents on social media. On #WorldEmojiDay it just did the same, shared a set of five emojis and asked fans to add more.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts

The donut brand is making Friday interesting for all emoji lovers. To begin with it has been playing with emojis applied on donuts and now it is running a contest to encourage emoji conversations. You can win a box of donuts courtesy #WorldEmojiDay

7. Kingfisher

The king of good times is celebrating #WorldEmojiDay with #UnitedByEmojis. The brand has today nothing other  than emojis on its Twitter timeline and fans aren’t complaining either, it’s a Friday!

Know any other brand that has impressed you with their emojis this #WorldEmojiDay then do share with us.