Indian brands that marked the World Wide Web Day in cool visuals & gifs

World Wide Web Day saw visual tributes floating on social media, with the most gratitude coming from internet and tech based companies

25 years ago, one curious mind wanted to communicate with his colleagues via the internet. What he then conceived – the World Wide Web has pretty much changed the way the world communicated over the internet.

We owe everything to the World Wide Web today. We can book our air tickets, our bus tickets, our movie tickets and in case we are Indians and lucky too, we can also book rail tickets online. Every piece of information sits on the World Wide Web as a network of computers and portals to serve our varied requests. Conveniently abbreviated to WWW, not many of us know that a day of the year has been dedicated to celebrating the WWW.

Yesterday, August 1 marked World Wide Web Day across the globe, and was much like Thanksgiving. Everybody was thanking the World Wide Web and its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. Berners-Lee conceived the WWW in 1991 at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, as a way to communicate with his fellow researchers via hyperlinks. On August 6, 1991, the Web was made a publicly available service on the Internet.

Today kids use it, we use it and most of the internet connected world uses it. We owe our existence to it, were it not for the Web, we would not exist. Yesterday, World Wide Web Day saw plenty of visual tributes floating on social media, with the most gratitude coming from internet and tech based companies. We found a few enthusiastic brands in India as well, though the enthusiasm has dropped from last year.

Here’s a list of Indian brands that celebrated World Wide Web Day this year:

Dell India

You think of a minute as nothing as it passes you by. Let the tech giant show you what happens in 60 seconds on the Web.

Intel India

The chip maker illustrates the tech innovation in one interesting gif.


Ecommerce brands like Flipkart sure owe their existence to the Web, nice ‘thank you’ letter this!

OLX India

The online classifieds site is delighted with the Web.

Lava Mobiles

The smartphone maker chose to spread information about the Web, while plugging in its own tagline.

The ‘World Wide Web Day’ isn’t as comely as a Friendship Day or say National Burger Day on social media, for attracting the likes, comments and shares, but it could be an effective visual content marketing tool to build your brand story, especially if you are a tech or internet based brand. Our process of hunting for more visuals is still on, in case you come across brands that celebrated the day with an interesting visual or gif, do share them with us.