Woodland Launches Adventurer Wanted To Find The Extreme Explorer Via Facebook

Review of Woodland's Adventurer Wanted Facebook contest to find the Extreme Explorer from its Facebook community, whose job is to explore the planet

Would you apply for the job of an ‘Extreme Explorer’ where all you have to do is explore the planet and get paid with million dollar experiences along with food, travel and stay? That’s not all – a production crew would be recording your every adventurous move too. Well, Woodland, the footwear and outdoor gear brand, that follows a tradition of promoting outdoor and adventure sports worldwide, is on the lookout for the ‘Woodland Extreme Explorer’ through the ‘Adventurer Wanted’ contest on Facebook.

To apply for the job, you have to create a 30-60 second adventure application video of adventures and destinations that you would like to go to. Basically, your video has to convince them you deserve the job. The winner will be selected from all entries, alongside two other entries. These three entries will be voted on by the close to 3 million fans of Woodland’s Facebook community to establish the winner.

Woodland Adventurer Wanted

Adventurer Wanted is hosted on a cool Facebook app, that requires a ‘like’ to get started with. The home page displays the job specifications and the recently uploaded video entries.

Click on ‘Apply now’ to upload your videos or images or share the YouTube link to your adventure experiences. Don’t forget to read the extensive list of Terms & Conditions of the contest before applying though. The videos under Recent entries have buttons to like or share with your friends.

The hunt for the Extreme Explorer has been a long one beginning from the 1st of August, and social media buzz has been doing the rounds on the Facebook wall as well as the 140-character social network Twitter. The Woodland Twitter page has managed to create some buzz for the hunt on Twitter too. Users were asked to tweet with the hashtag #AdventurerWanted and share their idea of extreme adventures to stand a chance to win brand merchandise like vouchers and T-shirts.

How cool is it?

For Woodland as an outdoor brand that stands for adventure, ‘Adventurer Wanted’ only strengthens its positioning while also helping it bond with its young Facebook community. Running a Facebook hunt, letting the community vote and then having the ultimate ‘Extreme Explorer’ being decided by the Facebook community is a cool and long term community engagement exercise, one that goes beyond numbers. Also, the concept of ‘like-gating’ here works in the brand’s favour too, as it helps Woodland build an adventurous community on Facebook.

According to Unmetric, from 1st August, 2013 to 19th September, 2013 the page had a higher fan growth rate (7.7%) compared to the average Retail Facebook page (3.3%). During this period the brand added around 213K fans.

Woodland_Fans_Number_Talking_About_Aug_1_2013_to_Sep_19_2013The Facebook app excels in its design and execution too. The raw, earthy look, smooth working and simplicity in design makes for a good user experience. From 1st August to 19th September, 2013 the app has witnessed average daily active users of 93 and about 1607 as monthly active users. Besides, the buzz on social media especially Twitter is an interesting one.

A cool concept that is well aligned with the brand’s image coupled with the right platform makes the hunt for the Extreme Explorer an adventurous one. What do you think?

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at LHI.