How Woo App’s #FindMagicFindLove Grew Brand Awareness And Conversion Rate For Downloads To 2X

Case study by matchmaking app Woo that used a combination of content marketing strategies to build awareness for its new features and demonstrate how it helps singles discover meaningful love

Woo app tvc 2015

The Brand

Woo, India’s leading matchmaking app, helps urban singles meet people who are similar to them in terms of lifestyle and interests, and are looking for meaningful relationships. It is an exclusive, curated community for interesting, educated professionals. Woo fills the gap between casual dating apps and the old-fashioned matrimonial portals.

In August, 2015, Woo brought out a new version with a revamped user interface and a host of new pathbreaking features – TagSearch, QuestionCast, Reconsider and Direct Messaging. With TagSearch on Woo, users can discover singles based on things, attributes and interests that matter most to them, with QuestionCast, Woo lets users ask or answer a question and get matched if they think there is a spark in the way they both think.

Problem Statement

Bringing substance back to the quest for love.

The current avatar of matrimonial and dating apps is very transactional in nature. Decisions made are very binary and are often based on very surface-level information about a person. A match does not necessarily culminate in a relationship. Conversations often peter out after a ‘Hi’ and there is no emphasis on really getting to know someone like one would in real life.

The complexity of human emotions and connections is trivialised into a simple hot-or-not game. And the user’s personality is lost in very biodata-like attributes in a profile. Nowhere are the user’s interests, lifestyle and belief system captured, let alone matches made on their basis. With the campaign #FindMagicFindLove, led by the release of Woo’s maiden TVC, Woo wanted to communicate to potential users that:

  • Woo stands for bringing back substance to the quest for love through an inventive, modern approach.
  • Love hasn’t changed through the ages, but how we connect has. Technology is just an enabler for connecting with someone you would have met in real life. With Woo, you can connect with someone you would have loved crossing paths with, but might not have because of your busy, hectic life.
  • Woo helps to set a context for deep, meaningful exchanges that could form the basis of lifelong relationships.
  • Woo helps you meet people, not profiles.

Identified Objectives

The key objectives identified for the campaign were:

  1. Increasing brand awareness of Woo
  2. Promoting the brand promise of discovering a meaningful love story on Woo
  3. To create a 360 degree campaign across multiple social media platforms, and increasing exponentially the surround sound effect around the TVC
  4. Increasing brand recall by integrating TVC protagonists and imagery across the digital campaign
  5. Reaching out to the right target group of 25-35 year old urban, single professionals by striking a chord with their lives and interests
  6. Disseminating information about the slew of new pathbreaking features that add meaning to the quest for love
  7. Inviting user-generated content to increase interaction and virality

The Strategy/Execution

1. Launching the TVC on social media and driving buzz around it

The TVC was uploaded in various secondages on Facebook and YouTube. To keep the posts interactive, the audience was asked to leave a comment about what they are looking for in their life partner. A lot of love for the TVC poured in comments and the taglines of the shares it received. People who left a comment were encouraged to tell us more about their love stories.

A segment of existing users were sent push notifications and in-app messages to check out the new Woo TVC and guess the city it was shot in to win some exciting Woo merchandise. The contest saw 350+ entries.

Driving engagement on Twitter with a long-form contest of 10 questions to maximise reach and posts around the TVC. These were promoted by influencers to increase participation.

Cross promotions were done with, which was, at the time, running an episodic TVC series around the love story of a boy and a girl.

2. Feature-Centric Messaging

While the TVC drove home the emotional aspect of Woo’s value proposition, the digital campaign integrated feature-based messaging with imagery from the TVC to increase awareness and recall.

a. Features were, initially, directly talked about, with functional descriptions of how they work.

b. The next task was to make these features come alive, and give the audience an easily understandable and relatable insight into how they can help them find the right partner.

For TagSearch, we wanted to depict a couple enjoying a common interest. Since interests like reading or football are far too broad and do not capture the beauty of TagSearch, we chose more specific interests like particular authors, sportsmen, singers, film stars etc. who have a huge fan following. To make this truly come alive, an illustration of these celebrities was added to a picture of a couple enjoying together. 12 such creatives each were put up on Facebook and Twitter. Diverse interests were picked to cover as much of the target audience as possible. Each of these was promoted to people in the target audience who liked/followed pages of these respective interests, resulting in much higher engagement and conversion rates than normal.

For QuestionCast, the protagonists from the TVC were used to depict the kind of banter that ensues through QuestionCast between two people. This showcased how one can find a spark with a like-minded single through QuestionCast and increased recall of and connect to the TVC. The content for this was kept topical and fresh, with references to pop-culture that the TG can relate to.

3. Inviting User-Generated Content

Inviting comments and content from the target audience was a consistent theme throughout the campaign. Content around the TVC and features had already been put out and was repurposed to elicit responses from the community.

Putting the audience in the shoes of the protagonists – Screenshots from the TVC along with questions that ask them what they would do if they were in his/her place.

Putting them in the TagSearch and QuestionCast seat

The #DubWithWoo Dubsmash Contest

The audience was invited to create a Dubsmash video with a 10s audio clip from the Woo TVC, which was uploaded on the Dubsmash app as #FindMagicFindLove. Participants were to upload their dub on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the same hashtag, tagging Woo. Three winners would win an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1,500 each. This innovative contest saw over 50 entries, a very healthy number for the entry barriers involved in Dubsmash. The excitement was palpable in the multiple submissions done by most participants. This further went to reinforce the recall value of the TVC and generated fun content that was extensively shared by the participants’ networks too.

4. Minimalist, Illustrative Extensions of Find Magic, Find Love.

The three properties, There Is A Spark When, Love – Before v/s After and Woo Bytes are an extension of the story the TVC tells in a minimalist, illustrative route. The treatment was chosen because of its ease of consumption and aesthetic appeal.

There Is A Spark When: There are love stories waiting to happen. But when do you know yours has begun? You can be sure #ThereIsASparkWhen these moments happen.

woo thereisasparkwhen

Love: Before v/s After: Once you find your special someone and fall in love, life is never the same again. You smile wider, the colors are brigher, and your partner is always with you, whether by your side or in your thoughts. Here’s a peak at the magic that love brings to life.

Woo Bytes: A much loved web-comic on love, relationships and the humour that follows once that initial rush has passed.


  • A total reach of more than 10 million across social media.
  • Likes+Comments+Shares on Facebook totalling to more than 100,000.
  • A spurt in downloads driven directly by social media by more than 100%.
  • Massive reach on Twitter across all three contest activations:

#FindMagicFindLove was in 5753 posts with a Reach of 287,260 and 8,950,497 Impressions.

#LoveStoryWaiting was in 3291 posts with a Reach of 139,846 and 2,267,490 Impressions.

#WhoIsWaitingForYou was in 4349 posts with a Reach of 211,700 and 6,152,796 Impressions.


Messaging around niche interests and subsequent targeting to people who like/follow pages related to those interests resulted in exponentially larger engagement at low spends. The conversion rate for downloads was 2x of the previous average.

Users who downloaded the app through this campaign also exhibited more stickiness to the app and used TagSearch and QuestionCast more than those acquired through other channels.