10 Inspiring Women’s Day Videos Of 2016 By Indian Brands

A collection of Women’s Day videos in which brands have weaved storytelling into a variety of women-centric themes, a majority of which is focused on raising a toast to womanhood


Women empowerment has been the undisputed theme in most conversations in the country. Be it for political gain or a brand marketing message, a mere mention of the importance of gender equality and equal rights for women in all aspects of life, earns a super ‘like’ followed by the comments and shares. With it being International Women’s Day yesterday, the social web is teeming with tributes to womanhood.

The uncompromising mother, the loving girlfriend, the helpful sister, the supportive wife, the caring nurse, the encouraging teacher, the ambitious entrepreneur are all being serenaded for the wonderful roles they play in our lives. Brands have rolled out campaigns to lend a hand to underprivileged women, many others have created a platform for women achievers to share their story with the world, while the majority have stuck to tribute videos celebrating the enduring spirit of a woman.

Here, we look at the Women’s Day videos of 2016 in which brands have weaved storytelling into a variety of women-centric themes, a majority of which is focused on raising a toast to the power of women.

Titan Raga #BreakTheBias

The watchmaker has chosen a powerful theme – gender bias at work, this Women’s Day. Titan Raga is urging people to move the conversation ahead for women through its #BreakTheBias campaign and ‘Change the way you look at a woman’s success. She is unstoppable now.’ The film has been much appreciated on social media with men as well as women expressing their gratitude to the brand for making this ‘bold’ and ‘brilliant’ film.

Myntra #TrendsettersNotFollowers

The Flipkart-owned fashion wear etailer rolled out a tribute video to women who break stereotypes, this Women’s Day. The video takes you through the lives of several women indulging in stuff perceived to be ‘not for women’, while lyrics reflect the stereotypes existing in society: Women are delicate, women are fragile, women should know how to cook, women should stay within their limits and so on. The women are later introduced one by one, they are real life women who continue to break stereotypes everyday - cricketers, cab drivers, entrepreneurs telling you that women can be anybody they want to be.

Uber India ‘Driving Change’

Uber India chose to bring forth stories of real women who’ve been driving change this Women’s Day. A video takes us through the life journey of four women - Shaheen Mistri, CEO Teach for India; Lavanya Hariharan, Founder & CEO Pamperazi.com; Megha Mandloi, Uber Partner and Jyoti Patil, Uber Driver-Partner, while juxtaposing it with their everyday family lives.

Zeven World #GetOutAndPlay

The brand that wants every Indian to go out and play some sport, irrespective of their age, sex or income, has created this inspiring video featuring women who are into sports as well. There’s Badminton player Sonam Nawaz who is a social worker and a mother, Pro-cyclist Gurleen Kaur who is a teacher and a mother, Cricket coach Khyati Gulani who is the head of operations as well as a daughter.

Arrow #BeBoldBeAnything

The clothing brand has chosen its Women’s day theme as  ‘Be Bold. Be Anything.’ Interestingly, the message is driven home through children. A group of children both boys and girls are asked about what they want to be when they grow up. Girls dreamed of being doctors and painters, while they strongly believed they couldn’t be a pilot, a police officer, a footballer or an army officer. A little boy also shared their opinion. The spot then introduces some women  to the children and they are dressed in their uniforms, there’s a woman pilot, a police officer, an army officer, a footballer, all interacting with the children and while at it opening their minds to ‘Be Bold. Be Anything.’

Godrej #WomenAtWork

Godrej talked to its own women to show the world that every day is Women’s Day at the company! Women working at Godrej were asked on how they are achieving their goals both professionally and personally, and how their organization is working with them. The result became the brand’s Women’s Day video as well as earned some positive PR on social.

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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

The general insurance company walked the same path as Godrej. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance resorted to its women employees to tell the world it meant business. A message is narrated word by word through placards held by an array of women employees in the organization.

Amul Woman power

The milk and milk products brand, Amul chose a mother-daughter duo to celebrate woman power this Women’s Day. A mother is preparing the lunch box for her daughter who’s been getting ready for work. The busy daughter while talking to her mother, discovers that she hasn’t opened a bottle of almonds she had bought for her last month. Reprimanding her mother, she tells her to have them at least for her sake. The smiling mother offers her a glass of milk, while repeating her daughter’s line.

Craftsvilla #CelebratingYou

Online ethnic shopping destination Craftsvilla brought together two unlikely partners in its Women’s Day film, #CelebratingYou. The ad film features a woman enjoying her jhumkas and ethnic wear and just when you expect her to be getting ready all decked up to leave, she surprises you: the woman is riding a bullet dressed in desi clothes complete with a turban and all. She is seen travelling with the locals, experiencing the outdoors, while beautiful lyrics accompany the storytelling. The super keeps playing forward with Celebrating Pride, Strength, Freedom, Courage, Resilience, and finally You.

IndiaMART #HatsOffLadies

Online marketplace, IndiaMART celebrates the multiple thoughts going on in a woman’s mind, while she is at work. In the video titled #HatsOffLadies, a woman getting her increment letter wonders how it would suffice only her ‘chakna’, another is worried whether her daughter is doing her homework now, while someone braves the heavy traffic to make it to work, and another is questioning the efficacy of green tea in reducing weight.