With ‘Rs 43,490’ BlackBerry Z10 Pricing Becomes A Joke On Twitter

About the trending topic on Twitter 'Rs 43,490' - the price of Blackberry's latest model Z10 launched in India

Blackberry Z10Why are you being mean? Blackberry must be asking Twitter after seeing “Rs 43, 490” trending all day on Twitter. And while I am writing this, the tweets are pouring in for the price tag of Blackberry’s new model Z10 in India, which has been trending since yesterday.

After rebranding itself from RIM to BlackBerry, the Canadian Smartphone maker launched the most talked about operating system Blackberry 10 and two new smartphones – Z10 and Q10 last month. Yesterday, the brand made an India launch in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai along with their brand labelled the Z10 with a price tag of Rs 43,490. The launch focused on the flagship model Z10 and on the announcement that 30 new apps that are popular on the Android and iOS platforms in India would be added to Blackberry .

The brand also made sure that it integrated the social community with its launch. The Facebook page had built an app that was live streaming the event for the Facebook fans. In addition to this, the Facebook page was updating the fans with interesting updates.

But the Twitter community had a big surprise for Blackberry India. The moment people started tweeting the exorbitant price of Z10, little did Blackberry know that they are going to be trending for all the wrong reasons. The Twitter community got something exciting to vent about on a Monday and that started the saga of funny and innovative tweets on how Blackberry has exorbitantly priced its new model. You can follow the entire excitement here or check out some of the very interesting tweets that I thought were hilarious.

Blackberry Z10 – Rs 43,490

Blackberry Z10 was launched in India at a whopping cost for Rs 43,490. No wonder it became the most talked upon subject on Twitter and is still trending.

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Lava mobiles showroom costs Rs 43,490Faking News
BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490 giving tough competition to bajaj discover , splendor and passion @Laugh_RiotLaachar Nagrik
Canadian dollar gained 50% after Blackberry priced its Z 10 at Rs 43,490Sarthak Batra
If I’m paying Rs 43,490 for a BlackBerry, I expect it to be able to shoot lasers, make coffee, and take hi-res pictures of NeptuneAjith
BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490? Are they selling it by the kilo?The Clown Prince
April Fool is a month away. But BB iscelebrating before that. #BlackBerrylaunches Z10 at Rs 43,490Anmol Singhal
Union Budget 2013 : Banks to offer easy & cheap loan schemes for buying Blackberry Z10. At Rs 43,490 not many can afford it.Khujli Powder
If You buy a blackberry at Rs 43,490 . I will assume that you are the ones who’ll also agree to pay subscription fee to read KRK’s tweet.Isabat Hussain Rizvi
Buying a Blackberry for Rs 43,490 is equivalent to buying Sir Ravindra Jadeja for $2 million. @suvenk @IPLKabala

Talking to Firspost, Vivek Bhardwaj, Software Head at Blackberry India expressed that Z10 is not only targeted to the corporate audience but also to a student who is on Facebook and Twitter. If that is the case then I would add some more money and buy iPhone if am a brand conscious guy and if not then I can go and buy Samsung that not only suits the pocket of Indians but is also the most popular Android phone in India.

At this price, I am not sure who is going to buy it and seeing the conversations on Twitter, definitely, a majority of students might opt for other choices. This trending topic provides a free consumer survey for Blackberry pricing; hope it corrects it otherwise it will have to pull out from India like it had to from Korea.