With Million Monthly Unique Visits On Web, Frrole Goes Mobile Too

Frrole the social newspaper hits million monthly users on its web app and at the same time launches it's mobile app for Iphone and Android users.


Today the web is all about valuable information powered by social networks. But you can’t consume everything, so you need curated information that matches your interests. Frrole is one such app that is trying to solve the pain point by curating news from Twitter. Not only does the app curate news depending upon location but it does this based on interests. For example, you may be not interested in reading the world news, so you have the choice of selecting your city and follow the happening business and sport news. Presently the service curates news across 6 countries and more than 50 cities.

The web app has grown extensively from the time we had last reviewed it in 2011. Amarpreet Kalkat who is the Co-Founder at Ciafo, the parent company behind Frrole shared with me in an email conversation that,

Frrole continues to maintain an impressive growth rate. It has now grown well past half a million monthly unique users every month, and is moving closer to the million monthly unique users mark as we speak.”

Talking on the traffic details, Amarpreet updated that today more than 50% of users come from US and another 20% from UK and Canada. He further shared that the app is gaining global presence with pride. The app which has been popular in countries like North America, Europe and India is also seeing a substantial growth in traffic from South East Asia and Australia.

The growth is a clear indication that users today look for information that matches to their interests and the interest grows if it provides local content too. The curation of information from 6 countries and 50 cities is definitely helping its growth.

But one common question that would pop up after listening to Frrole’s growth story is – why is it not on mobile yet?

Well the good news is that Frrole is now available on mobile for Iphone and Android users. The apps have been recently launched and with that Frrole makes it a more powerful app. The apps will provide all the features that the web version is doing right now. It would also be curating news from 50 cities and 6 countries like the web app but additionally the mobile users can personalize news discovery around their preferred locations, categories and even news sources.

frrole android app

So for example as a user you have the choice to select headlines and events for Pune, technology and headlines news from India and additionally only business, travel news for the world. A complete freedom on consuming information from different locations based on your interests.

Frrole is surely adding a new dimension to the consumption of curated information, which gets more exciting with a presence on mobile too.