With Congress: Indian National Congress Hunts For Social Media Volunteers Yet Again

With the latest initiative the "With Congress" campaign the Congress party is looking for volunteers to strengthen its base on social media.

With Congress Facebook

Cracking social media has been one of the tough nuts for the 125 year old political party – Indian National Congress. The party which is one of the oldest political party of the country realises the fact and from the beginning of this year has been pushing social media initiatives. The latest being the With Congress campaign that is looking for volunteers to strengthen its base on social media.

The campaign is a volunteer driven initiative to promote Indian National Congress’ initiatives and views to the people of India. If you are interested in this voluntary service then you can fill up the form provided on the site. Once selected you would receive authentic and validated content that you would require to share and garner a bigger reach.

Interestingly the form collects your social media details too such as if you have a Twitter/ Facebook/ Blog, etc. It is quite obvious that the party is looking for supporters who are also quite active on social media and have an influence too. The motive is to gather bigger reach making the netizens as the brand advocates.

The campaign has a Facebook and Twitter presence created for the initiative. The Facebook page which has more than 20K fans has created a Facebook app – With Congress Join Us. The app requires you to like the page and provides you the same form that you would witness on the website.

The Twitter page has more than 3K followers and has been active tweeting about the latest developments of the party.

Along with this, there is a blog that is being maintained by volunteers of the party. The blog is active and is doing the job for its party online that is fighting out the claims that are being made by its opponent party – BJP. The latest post about the CNN-IBN poll survey funded by BJP gives you a clear idea what the content is all about.

Ongoing tryst of Congress with social media

The party took time to realize the importance of social media but of late it’s doing everything to be at the top of social media chatter. From investing on social media to asking its influential politicians to be active on the medium, the political party is competing with its opposition BJP on social media too.

In the beginning of 2013, Kapil Sibal expressed that the Congress party would require Rs. 100 crore during the next 18 months i.e. till the Lok Sabha elections to counter its main opponent BJP on the social media field. These figures were quoted at the Chintan Shivir, where the party also accepted that the opposition party has been leading the war on social media.

Later we also heard that a 35 member team has been formed to counter the social media strategies of its opposition. In addition to all this, the AICC roped in Twitter influentials like Shashi Tharoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Shabana Azmi and other techno savvy leaders to spread its message.

Later in the month of April, it was announced that All India Congress Party, that has been ruling the country for the last two terms, has finally started scouting for a suitable digital or social media agency. Again last month it was confirmed that the party was looking to hire 50 social media activists in its office in Delhi, to help campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections or General elections in 2014.

And now it is hunting for social media celebrities to support the party and be the brand advocates. Great idea but isn’t it too late to defeat Narendra Modi and his party BJP on social media? The initiative should have begun earlier rather than in the pre-election year.