With 50% Sign Ups From Facebook Social Shopping Platform LimeRoad Launches ‘Create & Earn’ Feature

Social shopping platform LimeRoad along with sharing some amazing numbers also launches 'Create and Earn' feature for its community


LimeRoad, a social shopping platform that specifically targets women is once again out with good news. According to WAT, the firm has announced that it garners over 26 million page views per month and has a 40,000 active daily engaged user base on Facebook. Additionally, the portal claims to be the top engagement user platform in Indian e-commerce.

Limeroad facebook

Launched on October 18, 2012 with a layer of social behavior topped over it, LimeRoad has also revealed that registered users are growing at 200% month over month, of which 50% sign ups are from Facebook logins with rich social graphs.

The portal earlier reviewed at our end replicates the way women prefer to shop. It lets you discover that perfect top, share it with your Facebook friends, get a second opinion and buy it only if it gets a nod from all your friends.

Scrapbooks, one of the interesting features of the platform, which allows the user to curate their favourites and share them with their friends and families, is receiving good acceptance by users. The portal boasts of having more than 2100 scrapbookers who have created over 25,000 unique looks. With nearly 2,000 new product options and looks on the site every week, LimeRoad makes a tall claim that 75% of these looks are unique and not available anywhere else in the country.

Encountering the growing response the platform has launched ‘Create & Earn’ feature that will give a new incentive to the scrapebookers to earn from the looks they create. Going forth users can avail a percentage of the sale amount of all items sold through their scrapbook looks. Though the percentage of earning has not been provided, LimeRoad is estimating that creative and active scrapbookers could earn up to Rs.10,000-20,000 per month considering the top scrapbookers of the community typically make between 20-30 scrapbooks a month.

Co-Founder and CTO Prashant Malik, who had joined the firm in the month of May, 2013 shared that the company’s vision is to grow LimeRoad as the most extensive discovery platform in South-East Asia. He further added that, “The primary user generated content on LimeRoad is scrapbooks and attributing a product sale with this content is a key innovation, which is what we’re enabling with our newest initiative.”

The new move to incentivize the regular users of the platform is required and it is one of the ways that most user generated platforms have been targeting to increase traction and spend time on the platform. However, I am little confused when LimeRoad is claiming that it has 40,000 active daily engaged user base on Facebook? Is it talking about the metrics “People talking about this” which is right now 29K and keeps on changing? Moreover it is actually not the number of engaged users, it would be great if the company can throw some light here (I have tried contacting the firm and yet to receive a response on the same).

In fact claiming to be the top engagement user platform in Indian e-commerce is a far to fetched claim. May be next time the company highlights on what basis it is making such tall claims?

Image courtesy: Facebook