With 3 Million Users, Zalo Mobile Messaging App From Vietnam Sends 30 Million Messages Per Day

Zalo, Mobile Messaging App From Vietnam has hit three million users last week and at the same time is processing 30 Million messages per day.


Local messaging apps are dominating their countries. We have seen the same with WeChat doing for China, LINE for Japan and Kakao Talk for South Korea. For Vietnam, which is still an untapped market, the home grown mobile chat app Zalo from VNG Corporation is making ample noise. According to Tech In Asia, Zalo has hit three million users last week and at the same time it is processing 30 million messages per day.


The growth of Zalo is a steady one, according to Vuong Quang Khai, project leader at VNG Corporation. Apart from that he is quite excited by the number of messages the app is processing per day. The reason being the Vietnamese urge of indulging in messaging makes him believe that Zalo still has a big local market to be tapped.

Going further the app wants to concentrate on the local market and reap its advantages. In doing so Vuong Quang Khai considers that there is a competitive advantage since Zalo could adapt to needs of its countrymen unlike its competitors – LINE and Kakao Talk. Both the competitors of Zalo have more than one million users in Vietnam.

Besides this Zalo is soon bringing out a desktop version as well as several mobile games that will have social integration with Zalo. Though there is no immediate scope of launching Stickers which is quite surprising when they are the dominant revenue grosser for messaging apps The makers of the app also don’t want to release an English language app any sooner.

It is interesting to note that at a time when other messaging apps are testing their presence in international markets Zalo wants to play local. Would like to see what stance the makers of the app take when it has a considerable base like its competitors.

Nevertheless, the growth has been quite an impressive one considering the beta version of Zalo was released in August, 2012 and thereafter a full release was followed in the month of November. In fact in the month of May the app had hit the 2 million mark. Going further it would be interesting to see what other features the app brings to tie its users for longer time. The competition is tough from its competitors – LINE and Kakao Talk.

Image courtesy: Zaloapp