New Windows 10 Ads Take A Dig At Mac, Whatever Happened To ‘Spread Harmony’

Kristie and Jess are into a nano business teaching kids how awesome bugs are, but what they really are showing us is how awesome Windows 10 is

Microsoft has a special knack for making ads that take a dig at itself or its close rival, Apple. Ahead of the Oscars last month, the tech giant had begun to air a series of ads for Windows 10 where two women – one works on a Mac and the other on Windows 10 – discuss features only to realize that the Mac machine can’t do quite a few things that the Windows 10 can!

The duo - Kristie and Jess - called ‘The Bug Chicks’ seem to enjoy their conversations comparing the two, but are actually trying to change the way kids think about bugs. The two are into a nano business teaching kids how awesome bugs are.

In the spot titled, ‘Windows 10 and Hello’, you see the Windows user Jess log in securely by just making a face. The Mac woman Kristie, despite holding a tarantula, is amused with this feature, and remarks, “Even on the new Macs, they don’t have that.”

Windows Hello is Microsoft’s new biometric security system built into Windows 10. With it you can authenticate your computer using, well, just yourself. Through facial recognition or a fingerprint, you can log in to Windows 10 instantly.

The spot titled, ‘Windows 10 and Cortana’ demonstrates the power of voice. Jess asks Cortana to show her pictures of her treehopper and her screen is instantly filled with pictures of the bug. Cortana is the personal assistant that comes with Windows 10, Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience will be.

Kristie points out again that even the new Macs don’t have that.

The spot titled, ‘Windows 10 and Inking’ points to the Windows touch screen feature as opposed to Mac that lacks a touch screen. Jess shows how she can quickly draw a proboscis directly onto her bug using her fingers, like one would on their smartphone. Windows Inking lets one interact directly with their PC, almost naturally, like using pen and paper. Kristie is amazed and disappointed as well - the new Macs don’t have that, remember?!

All the spots end with ‘Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you.”

The storytelling with the help of bugs and the conversational tone of the Bug Chicks lends to a cool ad. It not only informs you about the specific feature, but also tells you how Windows 10 is ahead of even the new Macs!

Microsoft is getting increasingly aggressive in marketing Windows 10. After all, it is back to its elements: mocking Apple. And this right after its message of peace in the Christmas gone by!

Whatever happened to ‘Spread harmony’!

It was just back in December, the holiday season that Microsoft and Apple had set their differences aside to come together to ‘Spread harmony’.

Microsoft’s new Christmas ad featured a bunch of its store employees marching out to their Manhattan store to ‘deliver a special message to some old friends’. Soon they are outside the Apple Store, their neighbors, alongside a crowd of curious bystanders hoping to witness some sparks between the two tech giants. Apple store employees also come pouring out, but the local NYC children’s youth choir singing Let There Be Peace On Earth, does the trick. There’s magic and Christmas spirit in the air.

Microsoft’s global ad chief Kathleen Hall told AdAge that it had to get permission from Apple to film on the plaza; Apple officials apparently knew that Microsoft was planning to film an ad, but they did not know what the content of the minute-long ad would be. The ad clocked over 2.3 million views with everyone waiting for Apple’s comeback.