Win A Samsung ATIV Smart PC As You Break Free For Love

A review of the recently launched Samsung India Facebook campaign during the Valentine's Day to promote it's ATIV smart PC.


It’s yet another Valentines Season and Samsung is out with a campaign that would work as well for the sweet couples out there as it would for the Forever-Alone guys. With its “Break Free for Love” campaign, Samsung is out to let its audience ‘Break Free’ with its latest smart PC - the Samsung ATIV Smart PC. The new innovation promises to let you break free from your desk with the power of a PC and the freedom of a Tablet, so that you can let your Valentine know how much special they are. The contest also involves an opportunity to win a Samsung ATIV Smart PC for the grand prize winner and two Samsung Galaxy Y phones as weekly prizes.

Break Free For Love

To start off, you have to like Samsung India’s Official Facebook Page first. Then, as you visit the above mentioned app, on its home page they have mentioned the gist of the contest - Let your Valentine know how special they are and in the meantime also win a Samsung ATIV.

On click of ‘Break free now’ button, you are asked to select your Valentine. And they have played it smart here. In order to restrict the Casanovas out there, you can select only one person as your Valentine and not send  “Group Love”! Next, it’s an option to either send an exclusive message or choose from the given set of custom messages.

Samsung india facebook

The four tabs namely: Home, About, Instructions and ‘Break Free with ATIV Pro’ are as the names suggest. The fourth tab features a video along with more information about the product. There is also a link that takes one to the Samsung India EStore, which has the required details and payment options.

Though I checked out the Terms & Conditions at the bottom for the rules of the contest and the manner of judgement, it was unclear to me how exactly are they selecting the winners. Anyways, the week-long campaign ended on the 14th of Feb and I was lucky the app was still functional!

Could it be better?

Definitely, the prize is good, but not really synced for a Valentine campaign. In the past where we have seen some awesome campaigns from Samsung India, this one leaves me a little perplexed with its positioning around ‘Break free for love’. The only way they have been able to connect the Valentine Spirit with the ATIV Smart PC is through a single line in their contest page that speaks about breaking free to be able to tell your Valentine how much you love themMore than trying to blend in the campaign and the prize - as is usually seen from Samsung - this campaign idea looks more like trying to force fit the Valentine concept with their aim - marketing ATIV Smart PC.

The good thing is it is a ‘like’ campaign and this might perhaps help grow the community with relevant fans. But, even better is the website link within the app, that can get more traffic to the online store as well as sales.

Overall, the campaign has been designed and executed well, but the ‘break free for your Valentine’ does not really sit well with the product. Sorry Samsung, but this Valentines, you break my heart!

A Smart PC could be better promoted, what do you think?