Win A Micromax Funbook With A Letter To Your Dad On Facebook

An article about how you can win a Micromax Funbook with an open letter to your dad

Launched this April, Funbook, the budget tablet from Micromax targeted at the youth caters to their distinct need for education as well as entertainment on a single device. Taking the idea forward, Micromax has launched a campaign on Facebook where you can win a Micromax Funbook by writing a convincing letter to your dad.

Letter_to_dad_Micromax funbook contest

The ‘Open letter to Dad’ is a neat and colourful app on the Micromax Facebook page.  To start drafting your letter, you have to click ‘Play now’ on the tab. But before that, do check out the rules and instructions tab. There are four categories that speak about the four aspects of Funbook – Games, Apps, Entertainment and Education.  All you have to do is select two reasons from a given list in each category or put your own reason.  After this, add your own unique reason too in the text box given below under ‘Also, I need it because’. Click on send letter and the app drafts a beautiful letter for you. Here’s a screenshot of my letter:


When you click on send it now, the app gives you an option to enter your dad’s name and email address as well as an option to share it on your wall.

How cool is the campaign?

If a brand can convince parents through letters by their children, then I believe most of the work is done. This campaign does that and wonderfully too. The few points that stood out for me are:

1. Concept & Design: The neat and colourful app is in keeping with the target group. Besides, letter to dad touches the right chords. But the idea of bringing out the features in a Funbook through the points listed for each category is interesting. A brilliant approach towards showcasing both the entertainment and education features in Funbook.

2. Clarity & Guidelines: The app not only provides  the rules for the contest but also the instructions, leaving no scope for confusion at all. However, there is a T&C link which is the same as the instructions tab. This probably has been overlooked by the testing team. The app follows guidelines and also allows me to go ahead after I chose to skip the permissions at the start.

Micromax has always been a social savvy brand and why not when their mobiles are primarily targeted to the youth. Earlier, Micromax had launched its logo redesign contest on Facebook, in association with Talenthouse India. Besides, India is the third most populated country of Facebook users in the world, out of which a significant percentage (48%) are in the 18-24 age group. This is reason enough to exploit Facebook for reaching the right target group.


But the one thing the app could have included is an option to send the letter via post, similar to the Oreo ‘Dear Dad‘ Father’s Day campaign. Not all dads in India have an email id!

I don’t fit into the youth demograhics anymore but the ‘Open letter to dad’ concept by Micromax does appeal the emotional side of me. Maybe, the feel good factor is also due to the wonderfully designed app. What do you think?