Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Introduces Drones To Capture The Best Moments

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week has introduced drones fitted with GoPro cameras that will be flying over the venue, capturing the best moments & providing a panoramic view on a live camera

How do you add the glamour of ramps to the online world? How do you bring innovation in connecting the online and offline world as renowned designer Rohit Bal showcases his Spring-Summer 2015 edition at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014(#WIFW)?

Live updating of photographs and videos is an antique social media strategy and there isn’t much innovation left to it.

How about adding glamour some using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles? That is what Wills Lifestyle India is doing right now. To bring innovation to the Indian digital world, the premium fashion & lifestyle brand from ITC has debuted #willsfashiondrone - drones fitted with GoPro cameras that will float around capturing moments of the fashion week.

According to the company release, “Throughout all 5 days of the fashion week, the Drone will be flying over the venue, capturing the best moments of the fashion week providing a panoramic view on a live camera. Not only that, the Wills Drone will also float over the crowd and make them smile with many surprises!”

Talking about the innovations that the fashion show is going to introduce, Atul Chand, Chief Executive, Lifestyle Retailing Division, ITC shared that along with introducing drones that will capture the aerial footage of the event, a 360-degree selfie booth has also been put up. “RIFD enabled tags that were a huge hit with the visitors last season will again be a part of WIFW and continue to engage people,” said Atul.

The social integration has also been great with the introduction of these drones. It is the second day and social media fans are already loving the unique innovation in the Indian fashion space. While the interesting images clicked by the drones are shared on Twitter, Vine videos are also being shared which give a glimpse of the 360 degree selfie booth. Check the below videos to experience the coolness that drones have brought to the ongoing fashion show.

Bridging a synergy between drones and glamour isn’t a unique innovation internationally; in an industry first earlier this year, Italian fashion house Fendi live streamed its autumn/winter 2014 fashion show through a flying “Drone Cam”, swooping over models’ heads as they walked down the runway.

Nevertheless, a great move for #WIFW to up the ante and get social media attention.