‘Ansh was only 16’; ‘Anger is no reason to Kill’ was one of the messages that was displayed on a placard in a peace march organized by the near and dear ones of Ansh Agrawal.  The rally that took place in Mumbai and Delhi was to seek justice and to stop such heinous crimes, now becoming regular news to be consumed and forgotten. Ansh Agarwal was brutally killed by a gang of 30 people who were his own friends in Mumbai on April 17, 2012. And I was shocked to hear that Ansh was killed because he objected to a lewd SMS that the main accused, Siddhanth Ghosalkar, sent to his girl friend last Tuesday.1 Has human life become so invaluable that you kill someone inhumanly? One really can’t justify this barbaric act.

stand up 4 ansh agarwal

“Stand up 4 Anshh Agarwal” is the Facebook page started by his near and dear ones with the objective to create awareness about the incident, so that justice is done in the right manner. The page, which has got more than 19,000 fans in a matter of five days, highlights that people are really not happy with what has happened. Facebook and BBM have given the extra push to the movement and if you are in Mumbai and want to support the movement then do like the page and spread the word. We can’t get Ansh back but at least we can try to have a civilized society where people are not killed for silly reasons.

I am sure that there would be readers who would debate and highlight that Ansh had a bad character and things like that (I have read some in the comments on Facebook page). But does that give a person the rights to kill another person? Besides this, I am also not surprised that even though the incident took place at 10:30 PM near the Kohinoor Hotel at Andheri Kurla Road, nobody bothered to inform the police or dared to stop the whole fight.

I think this is one more question that we need to ask ourselves – Why are we turning into Gandhiji’s three monkeys at the wrong place? Will we do the same if the guy was a known person to us?

Another shameful revelation that has come out is that the father of the accused has been arrested because he had given the green signal to kill Ansh as reported by Times of India. I wonder if parents have such an ideology then what upbringing the children would have!

Wish that we are not forced to witness such incidents. Even if I am not associated to the stories of Ansh or Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes who were also killed by bunch of gangsters in front of everyone, my intention is to stop such heinous crimes in our society and awaken our dead souls by creating awareness.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Editor at Lighthouse Insights.

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